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[FanCam-HQ] 110227 Junsu’s “Tears of Heaven” curtain call (2 different angle)

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[FanCams] 110228 Kim Junsu’s charity soccer match at Samhyook University


[NEWS] Kim Junsu’s celebrity soccer team “FC MEN” play for a charity soccer match at SamYook University today!

SamYook University has invited the celebrity soccer team FC MEN for a charity soccer match on the 28th at 4pm.

This event is a cultural event held for the start of the new school year and the university’s new students, and FC MEN will play a friendly match against the university’s current soccer team.

FC MEN was founded by JYJ’s Kim Junsu and SS501′s Kim HyunJoong. Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Bum, Song JoongKi, and Lim JuHwan are also active members. Junsu, the captain of the team, plans to directly participate in the match.

Junsu will also host the presentation ceremony for 10 million won raised for the friendly match, signature giveaway event, and presidential reception.

Junsu revealed his thoughts on the event, stating “Because we will be holding the match to help the less fortunate, I will participate with a happy heart. I hope, through this event,  the solidarity of the students will help change the society.”

Original article: Nate News
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[INFO] Official announcement from C-Jes Entertainment regarding the illlegal JYJ “Music Essay” on iTunes!

Attention to Illegal music files of “Their Rooms” on Itunes

Thank you for your consistent interest on JYJ’s music essay ‘Their Rooms’

The music files of JYJ’s music essay ‘Their Rooms’ currently sold through Itunes are not officially distributed by Cjes Entertainment, JYJ’s management company.

Please be careful not to buy the illegal music files of songs of music essay.

Thank you.

Source: C-Jes Entertainment

[FanAccount] 110219 8PM “Tears Of Heaven” musical — Junsu is way better than those recorded files! (MUST READ) ^_^ <3

※caution: very long and detailed! can be boring!

First of all I’m sorry I’m too late. To tell the truth, I was too shocked to write a fan account for about a week.

The first thing that came into my mind was that I was underestimating Junsu. Really, he is beyond imagination.
There must be some fans who listened to recorded files, but I want to say, Junsu is way better than those files.

Junsu fills the stage. The ensemble is not as good as Mozart! so sometimes I felt the songs got a bit messy.
However, the moment Junsu appears on the stage and starts to sing, the whole show settles down.
He naturally takes the lead, wrapping up everyone’s voice.
Before you’re aware of the lyrics, you find yourself smiling or your eyes getting teary.
His voice directly touched your heart! I could feel my heart beating through the performance.
He just pours in the story and feelings, and the audience can do nothing but to accept it.
It feels like letting someon else draw a picture in your mind instead of imagining the picture yourself after understanding the story.
Like Junsu chose to ‘be’ Mozart, not act one, it was obvious that he did the same thing again.
Only Joon was existing on the stage that day.(although Junsu jumped out of Joon’s character everytime he did smth cute.)

During act 1, Junsu was just sooooooooooooo cute!!XD
It was a scene where Joon walks Lin to her home. Junsu was running ahead calling “Lin~ Lin~~” then he slipped and fell down.
Everyone laughed. (a fan next to me went “Awwwww”) Even Lin laughed! Junsu seemed surprised for a moment but he jumped to his feet and started to run ahead again:)
The first hour or so was delightful, watching Joon and Lin fall in love. Their dating scene was full of cute Joon!
Starting from the end of act 1, the story begins to get sad and gloomy.
When they say goodbye and sang Can You Hear Me, some fans started to cry.
Junsu’s voice was full of love towards Lin. Ahh.. I can’t forget his voice resounding through the theather, filling the air.
The first song of act 2 was I’ve Had To Learn.
Junsu starts off with a low, sad voice, then he bulids up until the point where he explodes with rage and confusion.
(I think it was ‘You learn not to run, you learn not to cry, you learn how to aim your weapns high’ in English.)
I stopped breathing that moment. His voice crackes with agony and he kneels down, grabbing his head.
Wow.. it was the most shocking, breathtaking moment.
Then Joon doesn’t appear for a pretty long time, almost until the end of the performance.

His acting improved tremendously since Mozart. I saw a lot of people around me(including myself) flinching whenever he sobbed violently or cry out in pain.
Also, his pronounciation was good! I didn’t miss a line! I was so proud of him:)
I could hear he started to play around with the songs already. He knows how to control the song to make it better.
At the end of the performance over half of the audience was crying!( I was too shocked to cry though lol.)
The plot is somewhat conventional, but it wasn’t boring at all due to the beautiful music and the actors’ realistic acting.
I made it real long but here’s what i said after the show was over: OMG JUNSU YOU ROCK!!!

(I can’t believe the person who I saw was Junsu.. that’s why i have to go to the fanmeeting. I have to check if Junsu really exists! lol)

+) The kissing scene was not as hard(?) as i thought it would be.
It was about 7~9 seconds..(according to my friend.) When Joon first gets close to Lin, she backs off but he steps forward again, lowers his face and..yeah…well. They kiss.

+) Ah the fence scene.. that was the poing when everyone started to cry.
He was sobbing so violently that he couldn’t finish the song. Junsu intentionally made his voice more peircing to express his despair and sadness.
I felt his sadness..I don’t know how to express this.. flood trough my body? It was too far away to see his expression but I could really see it. Wow..JunsuT_________T

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[ARTICLE SHARING] So the compensation for interfering with JYJ is 20 million KRW… but what about the producers who went along?

Recently, the courts have dismissed injunctions filed by SM against JYJ. Following their decision, the courts declared that SM must pay 20 million KRW for every time SM interferes with JYJ’s activities. Through this, the interfering of singers’ activities by their previous management companies such as SM or JYJ has become officially illegal. However, SM should have stopped their unjust actions long before the court’s decision and order.

Management companies such as SM and JYP are famous not within Korea, but also in foreign countries. SM dominates Asia and JYP has introduced Wonder Girls in America and succeeds in promoting every idol group they produce. Of course, such marvelous hands of these companies most likely haven’t dealt with only official businesses. However, such “unofficial” businesses become the result of arrogance when they are no longer used to help someone succeed and, in the case of JYJ, are instead used to practically lynch others and interfere with someone’s future. Read More…

[NEWS] JYJ’s Japanese Fans “Respect Our Rights” Support Shown Through Nationwide Big Screens

The support project of Japanese fans towards male group JYJ has been a hot topic.

On last 26th the cheering video for JYJ was shown on big screen in all over Japan.

The video addressed the issue of JYJ having inteference in their Japan activities, the event was planned to send message “Respect the foreign fans’ rights to watch their favorite artists on stage,” Read More…

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