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[PhotosSpam] YooBin capture JYJ oppa’s heart ♥‿♥

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[INFO] #JYJinUSA updates on POWERHOUSE Facebook page


Follow the Ticketmaster links below, or call Powerhouse at 323.692.0303.
(Go to to view seating charts.)

AEG LIVE and POWERHOUSE are proud to present the 2011 JYJ WORLD TOUR in 4 major cities in the U.S and Canada.

This concert is a part of JYJ’s world tour project produced by C-Jes Entertainment and will be their first concert tour in the U.S. and Canada. Their tour is drawing huge attention around the globe, bringing in more than 20,000 fans to the recent concert in Bangkok, Thailand.

It is the first time that AEG LIVE, one of the largest concert promoters in the world, is hosting a major concert tour for an Asian artist in partnership with Powerhouse.

JYJ was formed in 2010 as a three-member band featuring JAEJOONG, YOOCHUN and JUNSU. JYJ released their global debut album ‘The Beginning’ in October 2010 and reached number 1 on the Japanese Oricon Chart in a sweeping pace.

The tour schedule is as follows:

FRIDAY MAY 20, 2011 AT 8PM
Ticket Link:

SUNDAY MAY 22, 2011 AT 8PM
Ticket Link:

FRIDAY MAY 27, 2011 AT 8PM
Ticket Link:

Ticket Link:

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[NEWS] Kim Junsu talked about his feeling when he was chosen as the most vocally talented idol star

On the 25th, cable channel ENT’s ‘Entertainment Station-The Interview’ aired the interview they held at JYJ’s cosmetic brand photoshoot.

During the interview, Yoochun complimented Junsu as he said, “I read an article that Junsu was chosen as the most vocally talented idol singer,” and “Though he is a fellow member and friend, I always thought results like this were expected and obvious because I’ve been hearing Junsu’s voice for so long. He’s truly amazing.“

Junsu chose his words carefully as though he was shy about the results and said, “I think a lot of polls like this have been going on, but it just happened to be that there were more magnified articles written about this particular poll.”

To the other members’ mischievous side comment, “So you’re asking why it took so long for you to be placed in the number one spot?” Junsu seemed flustered and unable to make a witty comeback. He finally said, “No. I’m so thankful. It made me more happy when I learned that the people taking the survey were vocal trainers. I’ll work harder to be better.“

Source: [tv daily]
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[INFO] Who wants Junsu’s 3hree Voices ‘Yukata’? ^_^

With the big popularity of this item, complementary presents were added.

Thank you all very much for all the orders that were made for JYJ 3hree Voices II Limited Edition.
Due to it being such a huge hit, wonderful presents have also been included.
This will be a present for all who purchased and won the lottery ticket.

1. The yukata *Junsu wore (without cleaning)
2. Autographed Polaroids of Jaejoong and Yoochun

Either of these are true treasures.
In addition to this, there is a surprise from the three members themselves so please look forward to it.

* Yukata is the robe Junsu wore in the 2nd teaser video of ‘3hree voices II’ as below pics.^^

Source:  3hree voices official shop
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[NEWS] Junsu’s Twin Brother To Debut In Japan In August – Japanese debut single scheduled to be released on August 3rd

It was revealed that Junho, the older twin brother of JYJ’s Junsu will be making his Japan debut in August 2011. Also, a photobook will be released in July, before his debut, and it was announced that he will be performing at “Girl’s Award” on 29 April.

Although you can feel the image of his younger brother Junsu from his looks, standing at a height of 188cm, with body proportions that were honed from his days as a baseball player, Junho shows a distinctly different charm as compared to his younger brother. In 2008, Junho appeared in a Korean variety show, and attracted attention for his activities as a CF model.

After being forced to retire from baseball due to an injury, he made his official debut in China in 2010. With the announcement, he held debut showcases all over Asia, including Japan. In the Chinese music industry, he won the Best Newcomer Award for the “2009 Music King – World Chinese Music Awards Ceremony” In March 2010, he released his first album “Nothing to lose” in China, and sold approximately 50,000 copies, going Platinum. In the same year, he also held fan-meetings all over China, and recorded a total audience of 20,000 people, with his fanclub in China boasting over 100,000 people. Also, in a popular Chinese mini-blog service, his follower numbers are currently at around 200,000 people.

In the meanwhile, with the intent to expand the locations of his activities, he signed a contract with Avex, which led to his Japan debut. Read More…

[NEWS] JYJ Advertisement still going on, DNBN headed “Singing on Television? You?”

The fans of group JYJ have once again released an advertisement, satirising JYJ’s current situation.

Headed by fansite DNBN, they gathered 20 Million won in funds, and put up an advertisement in Moogaji, headed “Singing on Television? You?”

The said advertisment talks about a fictitious book titled “101 Ways To Remove JYJ From Programs” and describes their current inability to appear on television programs, while mocking JYJ, who is current locked in a battle with SME, as “Artist who have forgotten about place B,” attracting a lot of attention.

At the moment, although JYJ, who are engaged in a legal battle with SM Entertainment, are active in the fields of musicals and dramas, they have not been able to appear on music programs. The only time the trio has performed on a program under the name JYJ was during the KBS Drama Awards at the end of last year.

Fans plan to publish the same advertisement two more times, in hopes of allowing JYJ to appear on programs freely.

Source :  [BaiduTVXQ MyDaily]
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[TRANS] Avex‘s Announcement – Regarding JYJ Charity Event

On 5 April 2011, The artists under our management JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN (JJY) announced that they will be holding a Tohoku Earthquake Support Charity Event.

This event was created without the permission of our company, who has exclusive management rights within Japan for JJY.

Our company had repeatedly raised strong objections to the organisers of this event, Zak Corporation and JJY’s Korean management company C-JeS Entertainment, but it fell on deaf ears, and they unilaterally decided to push forward with the ticket sales.

With regards to the above, our company has received numerous opinions and requests from JJY fans asking for a special release from the exclusive contract due to the fact that it is for charity, so that the event can be realised. On the other hand, we have received repeated protests from hostile powers, and the CEO of our company has received dangerous threats as well.

However, as we hold the exclusive rights to JJY’s artist activities in Japan, it is only natural that we take proper action against such acts of (rights) infringement.

In addition, as announced in the press released from 16 September, C-JeS’s representative had used threats on their artist, including a prior conviction for coercion, and this compliance issue has yet to be resolved. As (JJY) still have a pending lawsuit for their Korean exclusive contract, until this is solved, we had no choice but to suspend JJY’s artist activities.

Despite the above situation, Zak Corporation and C-JeS had jointly, and Zak Corporation individually, petitioned for 2 cases of preliminary injunction for our company’s unfair correspondence (to the situation).

We will continue to assert the legitimacy of our company in the court of law.

Still, we believe that the members of JJY have no control over the above situation. We hope that the JJY members can clearly understand the actual facts and our company’s intentions.

Also, as we have mentioned before, once all compliance issues and the lawsuit in Korea has been resolved, we are eager to be able to manage JJY once again, We will also do our best from now on to resume their artist activities as Tohoshinki.

To all the fans who have been supporting JJY, we are sorry to have caused you worry, and we thank you for your understanding

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[TRANS] A Message from C-Jes’ President Mr. Baek Chang-ju to Japanese fans regarding JYJ Charity Event

A representative of C-Jes Entertainment, Baek Chang Ju

First of all, I’d like to thank from my heart for your deep love and support to JYJ. According to the suspension of the contract with AVEX last year, JYJ is now being under the circumstance that unable to continue the activities in Japan, but they have been receiving a strong support towards JYJ Worldwide album and its activities, that make my heart fulfilling with gratitude.

As the earthquake occurred in the Eastern of Japan last month, while the Japanese attacked across the sorrow, JYJ also felt the same sorrow together like a family. To repay the love we received from everyone, we have decided to organize a charity concert praying for Eastern Japan’s Earthquake recovery as soon as possible. However, regardless of our intention to help, it had a trouble with a cancellation of the concert venue. The tickets have been sold out already, I am truly sorry for an inconvenient to many people who was looking forward to the concert.

When I was thinking of every Japanese fan who was waiting for JYJ performance from the beginning, I had a thought to cancel the concert as considering that we could not make an inadequate performance, however, in order to keep a promise to all the fans who are trusting and keep waiting for JYJ, we decided to hold this performance.

I will do all my best effort to make this show happens. Every Japanese Fan, please be accepted that this concert is not just once, but it will be a start signal to the activities of JYJ in Japan from now on. The venue for this performance is somewhat poor, so even if it is insufficient, we wish for your kind support to believe in our sincerity.

In the future, without such a pressure, JYJ, we will go wherever a place that every Japanese fan can listen to JYJ’s music. I’m still fighting with all my best effort to responding to the trust of every Japanese Fan to be able to listen to JYJ’s music and listen to their stories once again.

Every Japanese Fan,
As above, please become a power and a trustable troop for JYJ from now on.
Just because we have faith, we can do everything.
Baek Chang Ju

Source: C-Jes Entertainment
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