[NEWS] JYJ’s Concert Organizer Apologizes, “We’re Sorry… JYJ’s Dance Moves Were Too Intense”

After the end of JYJ’s Europe Tour in Barcelona concert on the 29th, the concert’s organizer left the reporters with an interesting apology. It was regarding the fact that it was hard to find photos of all three members together in one cut. The only group shots were two photos of the members standing still and singing a ballad and there were no shots of the members dancing together.

The organizer stated, “It seems that the members danced with more intensity than usual. We tried to get more group shots by editing the photos but we couldn’t get a single one. Even the professional photographers who worked with JYJ on their North American tour were taken aback.

What was so different about the performance that it was almost impossible to get a group shot of JYJ? The members showed fierce determination before the concert began as they repeated that they had decided to start off with a small-scale concert (3,000 seats) to go back to their roots as rookies. True to their word, the members didn’t hold back as they ran around and danced for their fans.

Kim Jaejoong said, “Although this stage is smaller than previous ones, it bears a totally different meaning. In Korea and Japan, we started from small stages, and slowly gained the love of our fans. Therefore, although this European concert stage is small, it still feels like a very good starting point. Instead of creating an overly exaggerated large-scale concert in Europe, beginning with a small-scale stage with the mindset of starting afresh seems like a better idea.”

The concert we watched that day was far from extravagant. There was no thrust stage or LED screens and the fireworks were absent as well. All that was used was the occasional burst of CO2 and the spotlight that shined at the old castle in the distance added to the scenery of the concert.

However, the concert was no shabby event. Even the fans seemed different from those in other concerts as they screamed and shouted to help JYJ’s new beginning in Europe. JYJ gave such an energetic performance that even professional photographers found it hard to get a shot of them on their cameras. Heo In Won, a student who studies abroad in France and who was visiting Spain to watch the concert, stated, “I think this is the first time I’ve seen the members work so hard on their singing and dancing during a performance. The fans were moved by their concert, regardless of the size of the concert venue.

Source: [hankooki]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net
re-up by: iXiahCassie


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