[NEWS] JYJ To Release A Special Edition Album, Pre-Orders Flood In

JYJ will be releasing a special edition album.

According to JYJ’s agency on the 11th of November, JYJ will be releasing a special edition of their first Korean album ‘In Heaven’, which kicked up a storm in the industry as it sold over 100,000 copies in just three days.

The upcoming special album, which has been created in response to the explosive sales and to thank the fans for their love for JYJ, who just ended their European tour in success’, will have additional tracks that feature remixes of their songs, as well as a DVD of the group’s music videos and making film.

Remix versions of ‘In Heaven’ and ‘Get Out’, the two double title songs from the original album, have been included while the DVD will feature the making film and music videos of these two songs, as well the QR movies.

The ten minute version of the ‘In Heaven’ music video, which became a hot topic as it depicted a love story between Kim Junsu and Song Ji Hyo, will be released through the special album and is expected to wow fans as a high quality music drama.

A representative of JYJ stated, “This special edition album is basically a fan service DVD. Fans will be able to watch the making film and never-before-seen moments of JYJ’s album jacket photoshoot and music video filming dates. JYJ put more effort into this album as they have not had many opportunities to perform their songs on broadcasted programs, so the end result was great,” and “Pre-orders began yesterday and in one day, the number of pre-orders surpassed the initial quantity we were expecting.

JYJ stated, “The ‘In Heaven’ album is very meaningful to us as it contains our own compositions. We prepared this special edition album for our fans. Touring Japan and Europe for three weeks has given us confidence and we’ve set a greater goal of making our world tours of a higher caliber in the future. We’ll continue to work hard to create great music for our fans.”

The special edition album is currently available for pre-orders at offline stores such as Kyobo Hottracks, Synnara, and Evan Records and at online sites such as yes24, Interpark and Aladin. It will be released on the 21st of November. 

Source: [newsen]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net
re-up by: iXiahCassie


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