[NEWS] JYJ’s Popularity Remains Strong Despite Restriction In Activities, Albums & DVDs Sold Out!

Korean group JYJ have been unable to perform in official activities in Japan and other countries, but their popularity is just as before, and could probably be even growing stronger.

JYJ’s world tour concert in Ibaraki, Japan kicked off on 15 October, and attracted an audience of 80,000 people over 2 days. The upcoming special version of “In Heaven” to be released in November, which includes a DVD to thank the fans, has dominated the preorder charts of various large record stores. The Jamshil concert DVD that was released last week was sold out on Amazon immediately after it went on sale, showing their extraordinary popularity.

Despite not having any overseas activities, JYJ has still managed to keep in contact with their fans via social networking tools such as  twitter. In October, Kim Jaejoong even took the 2nd place after AKB48 in Japan’s influential fashion awards, proving his high level of popularity.

The fans have also shown great concern for JYJ’s individual activities.Park Yoochun’s “SungKyunKwan Scandal” DVD remained at the top of the DVD rental rankings for an entire month, “Miss Ripley” and Kim Jaejoong’s “Protect The Boss” have been broadcast in Japan and met with an enthusiastic response. The recently released “Protect the Boss” OST also took first place in total sales ranking of Gmarket Japan. Starring Kim Junsu, the musical “Kim Junsu’s Musical Concert” also became a hot topic when it was released.

JYJ’s management in charge of overseas markets analyzed, “I’m really surprised that JYJ managed to gain so much popularity despite not having any overseas activities. I think it’s due to the loyalty of the fans from Japan as well as the rest of the world, with the age range of the fans becoming wider,  and JYJ’s steadfast attitude towards their music as well as the charm from their individual activities are important reasons why fans are attracted (to them).

The special repackaged version of JYJ’s first Korean album “In Heaven” has exceeded 100,000 copies in preorder sales, and will be released this week.

Source : [yule.com.cn]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net
re-up by: iXiahCassie

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