[NEWS] JYJ ‘World AIDS Day’ Support Message; 600,000 Followers “Explosive Response”

JYJ are goodwill ambassadors for UNAIDS, which is under the jurisdiction of the United Nations, and on 1 December, in lieu of ‘World AIDS Day’, they published a relay of messages via their own Twitter accounts.

-omitted tweet messages-

There has been hot response towards JYJ’s Twitter statements. With more than 600,000 Twitter followers worldwide, the members’ messages were translated into many languages. Also, JYJ’s true popularity could be felt as the traffic to the UNAIDS homepage escalated drastically. 

JYJ said, “As we do activities as ambassadors for UNAIDS, reducing the stigma towards AIDS is the most important part of our message. There needs to be a change in global awareness regarding AIDS and it needs to be known that AIDS is an illness that often can become better under proper treatment. In view of the 30th anniversary of ‘World AIDS Day’, we would like to take this opportunity to reduce the prejudiced views against HIV patients.” 

Beth Magne, Manager, UNAIDS Asia Pacific, expressed her amazement, “Having been appointed the UNAIDS goodwill ambassadors, they have been a great help towards the progress of our AIDS campaign. Ever since their appointment as ambassadors for the Twitter campaign ‘Love Always’, our followers have increased by almost three-fold and it has since exceeded 40,000 people as fans around the world participate in the UNAIDS campaign.”

She continued, “We were surprised by the extraordinary results. AIDS can be a slightly difficult and heavy topic but we were able to receive increased empathy and response through SNS platforms and for that we are thankful towards JYJ.”

On the other hand, as the year comes to a close, JYJ also took the initiative to participate in a pictorial photoshoot for the underprivileged as well as Naver’s Happy Bean campaign which supports low income children.

Source: [tvdaily + ilove5stars]
Translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net


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