[NEWS] The Behind-The-Scenes Stories Of Creating The Star-Studded Cast Of ‘Elisabeth’

Known for its star-studded cast and fierce ‘ticket war’, the musical ‘Elisabeth’ recently released the behind-the-scenes stories of the casting process and is garnering more attention from its fans.

EMK Musical Company, which will be producing the musical, released the behind-the-scenes stories of the casting process and revealed that everyone in the company had their eyes set on Ok Joo Hyun for the role of Elisabeth.

There are a total of fifteen actors for the six main roles of ‘Elisabeth’. These fifteen actors are Kim Sun Young, Kim Soo Yong, Kim Seung Dae, Kim Junsu, Ryu Jung Han, Min Young Ki, Park Eun Tae, Song Chang Ui, Ok Joo Hyun, Yoon Young Seok, Lee Seung Hyun, Lee Jung Hwa, Lee Tae Won, Jeon Dong Seok and Choi Min Cheol (alphabeticaly listed in Korean), many of the industry’s most talented actors whose names excite musical-lovers.


Another actor who sticks out is Lee Seung Hyun (role of Rudolph), the son of Seol Woon Do. Though he was a member of ‘F.CUZ’ for a short period of time, this will be his first acting job in a musical.

But Director Robert Johanson showed his excitement for the rookie as he said, “He was the closest match to the vocal range I had in mind for ‘Rudolph’ and he has a voice that will accurately portray his character and the unstable emotions of a young man.”

What is surprising is that the person who recommeded Lee Seung Hyun was JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong. Kim Jaejoong recommended the rookie to his fellow member and ‘Elisabeth’ cast member Kim Junsu, who then secured an audition for Lee Seung Hyun, giving him the opportunity to take on the role of Rudolph.

The musical ‘Elisabeth’, with its talented cast, will draw the tale of Elisabeth, a person who existed in real life. The musical will open on the 9th of February at the Blue Square Samsung Electronics Hall in Seoul.

Source: [ajnews]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net
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