[GENERAL-NEWS] 111219 North Korea Situation Causes Fans To Worry About Celebrities In The Army

With the news of Kim Jong Il‘s death, South Koreans have been voicing their anxiety and speculations of what the future may hold. Naturally, concern for soldiers on active duty have been raised, especially from the numerous fandoms that have their favorite celebrities in the army.

Celebrities currently serving active military duty include Rain, Hyun Bin, Jung Tae Woo, Im Joo Hwan, Wheesung, T-Max‘s Kim Joon, Lee Jun Ki, Lee Dong Gun, Kim Ji Suk, Park Hyo Shin, Kim Heechul, Hwanhee, and Untouchable. With all active soldiers put on red alert, it’s likely that these celebrity soldiers will also put on alert as well.

A source from The National Defense Public Relations Department stated, “With the news of Kim Jong Il’s death, the public relations department (in which the celebrity soldiers serve) have cancelled some of their events… However, [the celebrity soldiers] are carrying out the duties they have been assigned.”

The celebrities serving in the public relations department are Lee Jun Ki, Park Hyo Shin, and Lee Dong Gun.

Hip-hop duo Untouchable, who are currently serving in the military band, are scheduled for 100 days of vacation. However with the sudden news of the North Korean dictator’s death, it is not yet clear whether the two will be able to take their vacation.

Untouchable’s agency stated, “The two members of Untouchable are supposed to come out for their first break at the end of this year, but in case [they aren’t able to], we are a little worried for them. We just hope that they will perform their duties with good health.”

Currently, there are no celebrity soldiers who are serving on the front line. Although Hyun Bin was originally stationed as a combat soldier, he’s been serving in the public relations department since November.

Rain, who is currently serving as an assistant instructor, is also carrying out his normal duties and has not seen much change so far. Wheesung has also been appointed as an assistant instructor and is currently undergoing additional training.

T-Max’ Kim Joon and Paran‘s Lion, who entered service in September, are currently serving as a conscripted police officer and a member of the Air Force band, respectively.

Source + Photo: Star News via Nate
Credit: allkpop
Shared by: iXiahCassie


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