[NEWS] 111216 K-Pop Has Special Appeal

It’s been described as catchy. It may want to make you dance. You may want to learn Korean so you can sing along. It’s the music known as K-pop.

“I started liking Korean music probably in about 2007. I remember being a senior in high school and listening to Korean music on my MP3 player and watching music videos on my computer,” Ana Maria Vargas, a TAMIU senior, said.

What is K-pop?

K-pop started in South Korea in the 1990s, some popular bands are MBLAQ, Super Junior, TVXQ and 2PM.

“I didn’t discover Korean music on my own, though; my best friend was the one who introduced it to me. I don’t remember how she started liking it, but I’m pretty sure that it was by clicking around on YouTube,” Vargas said.

Vargas became interested in Korean music about five years ago.

“I started liking Korean music probably in about 2007. I remember being a senior in high school and listening to Korean music on my MP3 player and watching music videos on my computer,” Vargas explained.

She said there is much more to like than just the music.

“It’s not so much only about the music. Don’t get me wrong; the music is pretty awesome and fun to listen to. For me, it also has to do with the people in the bands. The guys and the girls in K-pop are very talented and are amazing when they perform live. The five-member group DBSK, for example, has many live, acapella performances that can’t be beat. It shows that they can sing and don’t have to dance or rely on their looks to succeed,” Vargas said.

Vargas said she also likes music from other parts of Asia.

“Actually, I also enjoy listening to Japanese rock and some Taiwanese pop. I think with Korean pop, though, there is something that suits everyone’s taste. No two Korean pop songs sound alike,” she said.

She likes two K-pop bands in particular.

DBSK and JYJ. What I like about them is their voices, their dance abilities, their chemistry when they’re all together and YOOCHUN! (a member of JYJ)!” she said.

Vargas explained why K-pop is important to her.

“Honestly, I think K-pop (and other Asian music) pretty much changed my life. It has changed the way that I view things now. I feel that there are so many things in this world that I’ve been missing out on and things that I haven’t seen. I mean, I only discovered K-pop about four years ago and immediately loved it. It makes me wonder what other amazing things I’ve been missing out on.

“I’ve also been able to meet really amazing people through K-pop. Some are here in Laredo; others I’ve met online. So, if I hadn’t started liking K-pop, I wouldn’t have met any of them. Maybe it doesn’t seem like meeting new people and liking a certain type of music is related, but it’s rare to find people who also like K-pop locally. So, when I find a person who likes K-pop (or other types of Asian music), I immediately feel a connection with them,” Vargas added.

Elizabeth Vasquez a VMT senior Visual Arts student, started liking K-pop in the 11th grade.

“What I like about K-pop is the electro music, the different types, the language, the guys and their dance moves,” she said with a huge smile.

Vasquez said she likes J-Rock, K-pop and other types in the genre.

“My favorite would be Super Junior because they are members who bring on a show and have awesome dance moves and are members who think each other as brothers,” Vasquez said.

She said there is more to like than just the music.

“Why do ike it? Because I love their language and music videos and Korean people,” she said.

Krystal Cisneros, a sophomore dance student, said her friend Anna Moreno introduced it to her.

She likes K-pop because of “The way the beat sounds but they care more about the lyrics,” Cisneros said.

Cisneros explained why K-pop is for her.

“Because the music from America isn’t really that good and they don’t try to say what’s in their heart. Here in America we try to rap and make things sound cool and it’s really annoying,” she said.

One K-pop band stands out for her.

“My favorite K-pop band is Super Junior because I love the way their songs are, and I love the sound and they talk about things that are so true. For example, love complications and (they) make it sound so fun to dance to,” she said.

Cisneros added, “I like K-pop because it really gets addicting and I get into it. I really love it.”

Source: The Magnet Tribune
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