[NEWS] JYJ, Chile and Peru Concerts Confirmed: “A Kpop Concert that will differentiate itself from the rest”

Group JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu) will be heading to South America. Their agency, C-JeS entertainment have said about the three day trip “JYJ will hold a solo concert on March 9th in Chile followed by one on March 11th in Peru”. JYJ are the first Korean artist to perform in these countries to this point, and it shows the strength of their agency and their brand name to be holding a solo concert with just one artist.

The March 9th concert will he held in Santiago, Chile at TEATRO CAUPOLICAN, where the legendary heavy metal group Korn as well as X-Japan have had performances. On the 11th, they will be in Lima Peru at Explanada Sur del Estadio Monumental arena, which has hosted acts such as Britney Spears, Black Eyed Peas, and Avril Lavigne as well as being the 2nd largest football stadium in Latin America.

JYJ’s South American promoter has said “Currently in South America, the popularity of JYJ is on a whole different class than the popularity of the general Kpop craze”. He also said “while domestic artists and American pop artists are strong in Latin America, JYJ has been gaining enthusiastic support from teenagers and those in their 20s. During the 2010 and 2011 Worldwide showcases, many South American fans attended the concerts in American cities such as LA. Also many fans went to the recent European concerts, and now finally it will be coming to Latin America. With this new appointment, we are able to keep fans happy and will prepare fully so that the concert will meet with the level of fans’ passions. ”

In both Chile and Peru, JYJ are more popular that can be imagined. JYJ fans in Chile recently uploaded a video onto youtube containing their desire for JYJ to come to their country (http://youtu.be/PGXc67ULPg8 ). JYJ were featured on Peru’s Billboard Top Pop radio chart, ahead of 3 other Kpop songs from large groups. In 2011 Kim Jaejoong was chosen as the number 1 sexiest man in the world in a poll conducted by a Peruvian magazine (El Hombre Mas Sexy Del Mundo de le Revista Privilege 2011).

Source: Asia Today via Nate
Translation by: DoctorJaee of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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One response to “[NEWS] JYJ, Chile and Peru Concerts Confirmed: “A Kpop Concert that will differentiate itself from the rest””

  1. monica says :

    I so exciting because JYJ comes to Latinamerica
    I hope so one day they`ll come to Mexico
    many fans are going to wait for them

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