[NEWS+VIDEO+TRANS] 120108 Japanese Celebrity Matsuko Deluxe: “K-POP Is Just Bad U.S. Imitation” @.@


It became an online issue among Korean netizens when Japanese actor Matsuko Deluxe said during a TV show that K-POP is just bad US imitation. He also “kindly” invited K-POP artists to leave the country if they do not like Japan.

According to a Japanase online news, this event happened when the actor appeared on a TV show, “Nakayoshi Televi,” on January 5. During the show different guests from Asian countries, like Korea, China and Japan, had to show their national pride.


During the discussion, Matsuko Deluxe said, “I cannot accept this. In my opinion, K-POP is only a bad imitation of U.S. music.” A Korean-Japanese writer, who was also a guest on the show answered, “Lately, K-Pop has landed even in the U.S. music market. K-Pop is getting highly ranked even on the Billboard charts. However, J-Pop was not able to reach the same level.”

Matsuko Deluxe got angrier and with a louder voice commented, “Japan is embracing different cultures from all over the world including K-Pop. Where do you find such a kindhearted country!? If you do not like our country, just leave!”

Matsuko Deluxe is famous for wearing female outfits and for his spiteful remarks. This news did not appear in newspapers or TV but it was the most read news on Yahoo Japan on January 7. It finally spread online and reached the Korean netizens, who reacted in obvious contempt over his thoughtless remarks.

Source: Nate
Credit: soompi

Announcer: First, Matsuko would like to call out the hugely popular Kpop genre.

Ryu (KPOP expert/author): Metaphorically, Japan’s entertainment industry is amateur baseball level. Korea’s entertainment industry is professional baseball level.

Matsuko: Wait! I really can’t agree with that at all.

Host: Oh, why?

M: Well, in the end, when I look at Kpop, I only see them copying American music. You keep on saying that they are taking influences from all over the world earlier, but what is this “world” that you’re referring to? Wait, I’m still talking! It’s okay if they’re saying that they’re selling on the fact that it’s Asian faces copying American music therefore they’re being international.

R: But Kpop has landed in America!

M: They’ve only landed!

R: The proof is that fact that there’s a Kpop chart on the Billboard Chart. Even if we take America out of the equation, Jpop can’t even achieve that.

M: But we’ve never aimed for such achievements!

R: That’s…

M: Are praises from America everything to you??

R: It’s not everything! But…

M: Is it a proof of success if there’s a Kpop chart on the Billboard Charts?

R: That’s definitely a plus

Hyeon-Gi(?): But what about Japan being totally into Lady Gaga? What about that then?

M: So what? We also accept the music from your country!

H: Then isn’t that everything?

M: It’s all good!!! Why are you complaining about this country? We’re a country that accept cultures from all over the world! Why are you complaining??? Tell me, is there any other country in the world that is as broad-minded as Japan! Get out! If you don’t like Japan that much, get out! We accept you guys over here!!!

Trans by: zomboid@livejournal
Shared by: iXiahCassie


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