[NEWS] JYJ’s Junsu in hotel business with father?… agency denies

Following reports that JYJ Junsu’s father will be establishing a family hotel business in Jeju Island, his agency has clarified, “Junsu has absolutely nothing to do with his father’s business.”

On the morning of 13 January, the media reported that Junsu and his father will be entering the hotel business by building a resort-style family hotel in Jeju Island. Also, details were also given and it was said that Jeju Island’s natural scenery would be part of the hotel’s background.

On this day, Junsu’s agency spoke to Star News and emphasized, “There’s talk that Junsu’s father will be pushing forward (with the business) but it has nothing to do with Junsu. It is also completely unrelated to the agency (C-JeS).”

Furthermore, they also talked about (Junsu’s) present circumstances, “Recently, Junsu has been extremely busy everyday as he prepares for his musical and the South America tour.” Also, Junsu will be participating in the musical [Elisabeth], which takes place at the Blue Square Samsung Electronics Hall in Seoul, from 8 February onwards. Thereafter, JYJ’s solo South America concerts will be held in Peru and Chile on 9 and 11 March respectively.

Source: [infoseek+starnews]
Translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
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