[NEWS] 120123 Who Owns The Most Expensive Homes Amongst The Idols?

Have fans noticed that some of Hallyu’s most affluent idol stars have brought in a large amount of revenue? This all became possible through album promotions, various CFs, events, dramas and other streams of revenues. This has now be magnified even further due to the fact that there is more promotions throughout the Asian continent.

It’s a known fact that legendary singer, Cho Young Nam, whose villa is worth over $5.2 million, has the most prolific home among the other Korean celebrities. But now amongst the idols, who has the most lavish home?

The answer to the posed question is none other than the Asian prince, Jang Geun Suk.


Jang Geun Suk, a singer and actor, is currently the “it” star in Japan. That title comes with many perks as Jang resides in a $3.5 million dollar home in Seoul. He has been living there since October, and the villa has it’s own family-sized movie theater in addition to a café. Jang is in good company as well as he neighbor’s actresses Lee Hae Young and Suh Ji Young.

The “it” idol star also has an $8.8 million dollar building that is to his name. This building used to belong to well-known comedian Seo Sae Won and his significant other Seo Jung Hee. Jang decided to purchase this two-story building last year.

On top of being the best actor and singer he can be in Japan, he can also be found filming CFs whenever he can.  For example, his drama “You’re Beautiful” was a big hit in Japan and his fans really received it well. Ventures like this is why the star earned $35.5 million dollars in 2011 alone. In addition to all previously mentioned, the media projects that Jang earn over $800,000 per commercial, and then he will be able to earn up to $90,000 per day from souvenir merchandise alone.


The celebrity idol that is living in the second most lavish home is singer, actor, and MC, Lee Seung Gi, who is right behind Jang Geun Suk. The multi-talented idol lives in a ‘Brownstone Legend’ in Seoul, which is worth $3.1 million. The brownstone legend building includes a fitness center, golf range, an event venue, Audio Video theater room, and plenty more.

The media reported that he earned $4.4 million dollars just of endorsements alone in 2010, and till this point has filmed 11 CFs, which has helped him collect an extra $7.1 dollars single handedly from CFs.

The singer has the boy-next-door image that keeps his female fanbase above average, which includes fan girls and older women alike. This helps him to continue to effectively promoting every day household items.


The next idol up on the list would be Big Bang’s captivating rapper better known as T.O.P. The Big Bang representative owns a $2.6 millon dollar villa, which was purchased sometime last year. This villa is known for being ‘honey moon’ heaven, but the rapper is using it as his humble abode. In this neighborhood he has actor Jung Jun Ho and singer Lee Hyori residing there as well. His home consists of 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in addition to the finest interior with a beautiful view over the Han River.


Villa’s seem to be very popular, as singer Kim Hyun Joong lives in a European-style villa, which is located in the Chungdamdong area. The villa comes equipped with a small garden, as well as a large number of parks.

The singer’s home is reportedly worth anywhere from $1.7 to $2.6 million US Dollars, which he was able to purchase through his hardwork and dedication. Kim has had many successful concerts, great album sales, a number of different advertisements, and plenty more in Japan. For example, the media reported that the singer earned a whopping $3.5 million after ‘Boys Before Flowers’ aired on TV, and he also filmed various other CFs among other promotions. Kim’s character U:ZOOSIN also brought in huge revenue. In fact that character that he played sold over 50, 000 units, which earned a profit of $1.7 million dollars.

JYJ are right in this conversation as well as they all have lavish pent houses to their names. This is the same boy group who will become the first Korean artists to perform in Chile as well as Peru in March.


Kim Junsu is located in a townhouse in the Kyunggi-do region, which is better known as ‘Winsile County.’ This is townhouse is significant because of the fact that its separate from the main part of the home which his parents reside in. He also lives in close propinquity to singer Lee Sora. Some fans refer to this building as ‘the townhouse of the stars’. His home is reportedly worth about $1.5 million US dollars.

Park Yoochun, who will be making his long awaited return to the spotlight with actress Han Ji Min in the new drama ‘Attic Prince’, lives in a very upscale villa that is located in the Hannam-dong region. The singer and actor as earned an impressive profit from filming dramas, CFs, promoting overseas, and touching many other realms of the entertainment world. Park was so proud of the home he was purchasing that he personally participated in designing the lavish interior of the home.

Last but not least, his fellow member Kim Jaejoong also lives in a $2.6 million dollar penthouse, which is located in the Samsung-dong district. This lavish home comes equipped with a terrace, and stretches over 3,200 sq ft.

Source: kpopstarz
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