[NEWS] 120124 Cold Hard Facts: TVXQ Has A Lot To Overcome- Reunion Real Or Rumor?

Something seems off here. All this TVXQ reunion news seems sudden and in the midst of AVEX sales suffering a loss. Before everyone gets too excited, some investigation must be done.

Before getting into the issues which led to the heartbreaking split, the reunion “facts” need examining.

1. SM, TVXQ, and JYJ have yet to make any comment regarding this matter.

2. AVEX is Japanese. The artists in question are Korean.

3. AVEX has been linked to reunion rumors before.

4. AVEX was accused of hindering JYJ activities in Japan.

5. AVEX sales is not doing well and really need to make something happen here.

6. Ayumi Hamasaki is medding and trying to be the savior.

Now for the unfortunate Truths (yes, everyone hates them) surrounding the break up.

1. A lawsuit against SME was filed by the three disgruntled members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu. SM might not open them back with open arms.

2. Although the cosmetics company issue was resolved, there were others which were not detailed in length, thus mystery clouds them.

3. Money was lost and trust was broken with the resentful trio. That’s a huge issue when it comes to moving forward. SM has enough going on and doesn’t need another liability.

Even if the management companies and legal woes are removed from this equation, there is no way all five members hugged and shook hands when TVXQ originally disbanded. With that being said, no one other than TVXQ can say for certain as to whether or not they even want to work together. Don’t forget TVXQ has experienced much success as only two members.

All in all, the world wants a reunion. In reality though, can the boys play nice?

Credit: kpopstarz
Shared by: iXiahCassie


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