[NEWS] 120125 Lukewarm Reaction To TVXQ Reunion Rumors In Korea, Japan

Rumors of TVXQ‘s reunion have been reported.

On January 22nd, A Japanese media agency reported rumors of TVXQ’s reunion with news titled, “Will TVXQ be AVEX Group’s Savior? TVXQ reunion project planned.’ The singers in AVEX’s agencies have not been doing too well lately, and one way the company wanted to solve setbacks surrounding JYJ’s activites in Japan was to organize a TVXQ reunion concert at the Tokyo Dome or other large concert halls. Speculations that Ayumi Hamasaki was controlling the opinions of both parties have also been reported.

Although TVXQ’s possible reunion may come across as good news to fans in Korea and Japan, fans also doubt the realistic possibilities of it actually happening. The reality of it actually happening is slim because AVEX is leading the reunion project, not SM or JYJ.

The same Japanese media agency reported, “Although there are many TVXQ fans that want to see them reunited again, AVEX actually developing a reunification project will be difficult to foresee.” The development for the project is seemingly becoming more unrealistic, due to AVEX not doing well as an agency.

TVXQ fans who heard about the possible reunion responded cooly, “If it happened, that would be great, but the chances are low,” “Because AVEX is behind it, I can’t trust that it will happen,” “I wish they would stop reporting groundless reunion rumors like this.”

Credit: kpopstarz
Shared by: iXiahCassie


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