[TRANS] Shin Dong talks about the TVXQ Reunion Rumor on ShimShimTaPa

*Please read (translator’s) T/N at the bottom*


Shin Dong: S
Other person: O


O: The hottest topic of the entertainment industry these days is the report made on the rumor regarding TVXQ’s reunion.

S: That’s right, what’s it all about?

O: A Japanese media report stated that JYJ and TVXQ are planning a live concert together to commemorate a reunion. And they said that Avex, not SM and JYJ, but Avex is the one in charge of it. Do you think there’s a possibility of this happening, Shin Dong?

S: Are you asking me?

O: Yes.

S: I think there is a possibility. The possibilities are endless. Because it’s not like there’s a 0% chance of this happening. Even if the chances (of it happening) are 1%, that still means that there’s a possibility that it could happen.

To be honest, I only found out about this after I read the news article. I’ve never heard anything about this before from our company. I’m friends with Yunho and Changmin’s a close dongsaeng of mine, but I haven’t heard anything about this from them, for now at least.

O: Would you like them to (reunite)?

S: Personally, I’d like them to reunite. Since TVXQ is a group that started out with five members from the beginning. Though JYJ and TVXQ are both doing very well right now, I believe that no one can beat the power that they have when the five of them come together. That power is so great so it would be nice if they could just once…

This news came from Japan. (Korean) Fans could end up feeling disappointed if they (the five members) were getting back together just for a Japanese concert. So I think it would be nice if they could perform together in Korea, as friends or for other possible reasons.

O: Is this SM’s official statement?

S: How could I? How could I be the one to give SM’s official statement on the issue? This is just the official statement of Shin Dong.

(talk about K-pop and other stuff)

S: Okay, so we’ll listen to one song first and then come back to you. (Mirotic starts playing) We shoud listen to this, right? A song by TVXQ. What was the title of this song?

O: Jumun

S: Ah, Mirotic. Sorry. Sorry, Yunho. We’ll listen to Mirotic!


(Translator’s) T/N: Feel free to pass your own personal judgments on this but I am in no way translating this to bash Shin Dong. I have my personal opinions on what he said and how he said it, but I haven’t heard Shin Dong DJ before so my opinion may be misguided.

However, I will thank him for saying nice things about the issue though it’s a touchy one and playing Mirotic for all of us. That is all I’m going to say.

Translated by: @jammytart13
shared by: iXiahCassie


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3 responses to “[TRANS] Shin Dong talks about the TVXQ Reunion Rumor on ShimShimTaPa”

  1. AINA ♥ DBSK (@AinaCassie) says :

    “Though JYJ and TVXQ are both doing very well right now, I believe that no one can beat the power that they have when the five of them come together…” That’s what I have in my mind too. TVXQ started off as 5, so they should always end up as 5. T___T anyway, thanks for sharing. Always Keep The Faith!!

  2. pujitha desiraju (@cassieforeva) says :

    plzzz GOD…all of our love we pray to u…MAKE THE GODS OF OUR HEART COME ALIVE WITH EACH OTHER ONCE AGAIN!!!this is our sincere request!!*puts it an envelope and throws it towards heaven *

  3. Weynie says :

    Dear God….
    Please…Let it be true…please!!!
    Please save them……

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