[TRANS] C-Jes’ Notice Regarding the cancellation of “The Day” Screening


This is C-JeS Entertainment.

We write this notice to inform you that the screening of the daily life documentary ‘The Day’,which we announced last week would take place soon, has unfortunately been cancelled. We would first like to give you (the fans) our deepest apologies for regrettably being unable to provide the promised screening.

We made the decision to hold a screening of the‘JYJ’s Daily Life Documentary’, which didn’t air on TV last year due to external pressure, for our domestic fans and we began discussing the matter with CGV on the 5th of December.

We met again on the 15th of December and received a guide, which included information such as the release date, screening schedule, running time, list of theaters and ticket prices, as well as a preliminary verbal confirmation for the event, effectively starting the design and production processes for the film.

With various verbal confirmations being made through e-mails, IMs and telephone conversations, we held discussions on the scale of the screening event, the theaters to hold the preliminary screening, the screening schedule and the process for the contract. A secondary meeting was held on the 16th of January with the representative in charge and we discussed various aspects of the event including JYJ’s stage greeting schedule, joint promotions, advertisements and the possibility of a nationwide live airing of JYJ’s stage greeting. The examination of the contract’s specifics was completed by representatives of both sides and a press release was distributed on the 19th, and we received a contract on the 20th.

But CGV notified us through a telephone conversation that, “As this is a contract that was not approved by the final arbiter, we will nullify the contract.” We refuted this by stating, “We cannot accept the cancellation of this contract, which was signed after more than a month of discussions between both parties, due to an internal issue. We believe the right way to handle this situation would be to present us with reasonable alternatives, such as changing the screening dates, and to discuss the matter further.”

However, we received an e-mail on the 25th that turned down our suggestion and stated the following. CGV said, “It has become difficult for the screening to take place as it has come to our attention that the newly appointed management personnel did not follow the appropriate steps of the routine internal report process for ‘The Day’ as they conducted business,” and “The staff here have been placed in a very tough situation as ‘The Day’ is now being used as an example of the strict regulations that are applied to projects that do not follow the proper processes.” This was not a ‘discussion’ but a ‘notification’ that it would be difficult to hold screenings for the documentary film.

We will do our best to recover our rights by filing a civil complaint to the Fair Trade Commission and the Grievance Committee against CGV, who wishes to unilaterally terminate a business-to-business (B2B) contract by abusing their advantaged position.

We will also be demanding an acceptable response for creating an incomprehensible situation of blaming our company when the termination was due to an issue in the internal process, as well as for the fact that the notification was given right after the publication of articles on the movie’s screening, even though there was a discussion period of one month beforehand.
We will do our best to post a secondary notice on the screening of the film as soon as possible.

We would like to once more apologize to the fans for having to notify you of this unfortunate news and ask for your understanding.
Also, below is the official statement from C-JeS’ CEO Baek Chang Joo on the situation.

“First of all, it is unfortunate that we were unable to keep our promise with the fans once again. I do not know the specifics of CGV’s internal situation that led to, not a modification of the contract, but a notification of non-fulfillment. However, I would like to say that I find it extremely unreasonable for this decision to nullify the contract to have been made so easily and boldly with the B2B contract already signed and the official announcements sent to the press.

I would also like to shed light on the fact that these unreasonable acts happen more often than what is seen on the outside. Till now, we have always strived to do our best in the situation that we were placed in. We did everything we could possibly do without faltering or giving up, and we were rewarded with great results. Even without the help of a system that has industrialized K-POP, JYJ are completing a real world tour by holding concerts in Asia, North America, Europe and South America with nothing but their music and talent.

Amidst all this, we worked hard to take up as many opportunities as we possibly could from the few that were given to us, and we worked ourselves to death to make sure that those opportunities did not go to waste. I don’t have the power to win a fight against a large corporation. I don’t have the confidence to do so either. However, I say these words to notify you and to ask for your help against these unreasonable situations that seem to be never-ending.

From what I know, the greatest problem society currently faces is ‘group bullying’. I’ve heard that the purpose of ‘bullying’ is to strengthen a group’s status by collectively isolating another person. And because such actions were ignored and viewed with apathy for so long, happenings have occurred that have shaken society to its core. As I’ve stated above, though I’m powerless and lacking confidence, I will not despair or falter and I will continue to fight against these unreasonable situations so that secondary or tertiary victims do not arise in the future.

I sincerely ask for your attention and interest. All we want to do is let you hear JYJ’s music through their albums and create a stage where JYJ can come together with their fans and sing for you.

If you would like to ask us why that is so difficult to accomplish, I would like to ask you to look back on the illogical and illegal acts that have taken place against us and I would dare to speak out that we are faced with such situations at least two to three times a week in private.

I would once more like to apologize to the fans who love JYJ for having to notify you of such unfortunate news.”

Source: C-JeS Homepage
Translated & Shared by:dongbangdata.net
Re-up by: iXiahCassie


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