[NEWS] [Lee Seung Rok’s Compass] JYJ Again? Are They Truly Outcasts?

The movie screening of JYJ’s documentary ‘The Day’ has been cancelled.

JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment has stated that the cancellation process of ‘The Day’ was one that was unreasonable while CGV revealed that, “It has become difficult to screen the movie as it has been found that the routine internal report process was not adhered to.”

‘The Day’ was originally scheduled to be aired through the cable channel QTV last year.

But the program wasn’t aired as planned last February and was given a banning notice by QTV a month later. At that time, the opposition from JYJ’s fans against QTV was powerful as they demanded to know the exact reason behind the ban on the program.

‘The Day’ is a program that was created for the fans by JYJ, who have been unable to appear on broadcasted shows till now, which depicted the daily lives of members Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoohun and Kim Junsu.

C-JeS Entertainment searched for alternatives after the QTV cancellation incident so that the fans could watch the prepared footage, and the conclusion they came to was the movie screening event.

But the screening of ‘The Day’ fell through, a year after the QTV cancellation. Backlash from fans was once again powerful, though the target was CGV this time around, and their fury grew stronger as this was meant to be an event for the fans and not just a regular TV broadcast.

Though JYJ had prepared the event as a Valentine’s Day gift for their fans, all it ended up doing was leaving the fans with wounded hearts.

Through C-JeS Entertainment’s homepage, CEO Baek Chang Joo apologized and stated, “First of all, it is unfortunate that we were unable to keep our promise with the fans once again.”

He continued to say, “From what I know, the greatest problem society currently faces is ‘group bullying’. I’ve heard that the purpose of ‘bullying’ is to strengthen a group’s status by collectively isolating another person. And because such actions were ignored and viewed with apathy for so long, happenings have occurred that have shaken society to its core,” and “As I’ve stated above, though I’m powerless and lacking confidence, I will not despair or falter and I will continue to fight against these unreasonable situations so that secondary or tertiary victims do not arise in the future.”

The CEO shed light on the fact that JYJ have faced countless obstructions in their activities till now as he added, “I would dare to speak out that we are faced with such situations at least two to three times a week in private.”

It is impossible to see JYJ as singers on music programs. Though cancellations of their broadcasted activities are becoming a common occurrence, what separates the movie screening cancellation with past incidents is the fact that now, even JYJ’s attempts to reach out to their fans are being targeted on top of their attempts to communicate with the public.

It is an indisputable fact that JYJ are making a large contribution to the global Hallyu Wave. But ironically, JYJ are facing troubles being active, not only as singers, but as celebrities in general in their own country. And because of this, the innocent JYJ fans are being wronged for the sole reason of being JYJ fans.

Source: [mydaily]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net
re-up by: iXiahCassie


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