[NEWS] “Elizabeth” Musical Director: “Kim Junsu Is A Genius”

Kim Junsu’s first performance in the musical “Elisabeth” successfully ended on 12 February.

The musical “Elisabeth” was first performed in Austria in 1992, and is a piece that has received a lot of love. It is a collaboration between world renowed lyricist Michael Kunze and composer Sylvester Levay, and includes a unique story about an empress who falls in love with “Death”, coupled with the grand music that is distinctly European, an extravagant set and costumes, all elements working well together to create a rare and great musical.

Kim Junsu’s role in “Elisabeth” is that of the irresistible, mysterious Death, whom Elisabeth, who thirsts for freedom, falls passionately in love with.

And when Kim Junsu took to the stage with his sleek, charming image, the commanded the attention of the entire audience, and during “The Last Dance” and “The Shadows Grow Longer”, his unique husky voice was utilized well, as he expressed the broody, dream-like image of Death to perfection.

Kim Moon Jung, the musical director said, “Kim Junsu has a naturally husky voice, which gives the role of death a more mysterious and sexy edge.  He can be considered someone who can work perfectly with his counterparts, and a true musical actor who can capture the attention of the audiences. To be able to do so well in the first performance, he can truly be considered as a genius,” praising Kim Junsu’s performance.

Furthermore, composer Sylvester Levay said, “As I had worked with him on another musical previously, I was already aware that he could sing very well, but watching him in the role of “Death” in “Elisabeth” and his ability to bring the musical to the next level at every scene is amazing. Sometimes scary, sometimes brooding, just like a beast that refuses to leave Elisabeth’s side, and his charm moves the entire performance. Kim Junsu’s performance is too perfect, and we are very satisfied.”

This day, there were two performances at 2pm and 7pm respectively, and all tickets were sold out. The audience showed their passionate responses with loud clapping.

Kim Junsu said, “This is a performance with the best staff and best actors, and to be honest, I am really proud, and very fortunate. To me, I feel like I have fallen in love with “Death”, and I will show a better “Death” to more people, and I hope that this will be motivation for me to think about life andhappiness. I will work harder to present a good stage to everyone,” as he expressed his thanks.

Also, fellow member Park Yoochun, who is currently filming the drama “Attic Prince” also turned up at the first show in person as a show of support.

Source : [BaiduXiahJunsu + BNT News via Nate]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net
re-up by: iXiahCassie


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