[INTERVIEW] “Elisabeth” Kim Junsu – Interview With PlayDB Part 1

(Now, he is very receptive to challenges – Kim Junsu)

My meeting with Kim Junsu only began when the sun was about to set, after he had done a series of continuous interviews since that morning. “Having to handle continuous interviews and practices, what should we do if he is already out of energy?”, I was secretly worried about this. But he answered easily, “My condition now is very good!”

Is it for your role in the musical this time?
“Death” has rather revealing clothing, so I am hoping to be able to make my body more sculpted. But even if it were not for the musical, I have been considering since a year ago whether I should do some exercise. So I just made use of this opportunity to try it out.

Your image seems to be slightly different from before, it seems more manly.
It seems that such an image is necessary for the role this time.

There are only a few days left before “Elisabeth” begins, how are you feeling now, seeing that it is already your third production?
Before “Mozart!” and “Tears of Heaven” began, there was actually more worrying than anticipation, but this time the anticipation is greater. Perhaps it is because it is already my third time, that there is a sense of familiarity. Perhaps it is also because I have already gotten used to the performance venue in general, as well as the equipment. For the previous productions, I only came into contact with the equipment when we arrived at the performance venue, but this time I have been able to have hands-on experience with equipment, such as the turntable, in the practice studio, so it is in fact less worrying this time.

Which part about musicals do you now feel more accustomed to?
During “Mozart!”, I felt pressed to memorize things like lyrics and how I should be moving on stage. However, now, I am able to enjoy the process more, and I feel more at ease. Overall, it feels like I am now able to consider all the things that I were not able to think about before, all the small details.

It seems that it is not only the equipment, but (expressing) the emotions have become less of a burden as well?
In the past I used to feel rather embarrassed when people had to teach me how to go about doing things. To be honest, I do not feel this way when on stage, but during practices I would feel embarrassed. For instance, if there were a scene that required me to cry, and everyone was watching me, although they may not be looking at me as a singer (not a musical actor), but them watching makes me feel rather burdened. Also, because I feel embarrassed, I am sometimes at a loss of what to do when I stand up in front of everyone. Now, it does not bother me at all. I just do my best without thinking about all this. When I look at myself now, I still find it shocking sometimes, and I think to myself that “I’ve really changed a lot!” I also feel much closer to being a musical actor, these contented thoughts sometimes surface.

The role of “Death” is quite different from the playful charms of Kim Junsu that we are used to.
It seems that to everyone, I have a bright and cheerful image. Although it was not my intention, but it seems that this image has left an impression in everyone’s hearts. However, there are actually more sides to me, not only that image but also other images. I wanted to showcase a side of me that I have not been able to before through this production.

At 26 years of age, he says, “I’ve experienced many things considering my age.” He used to be a high school student, then became part of Asia’s top idol group when he made his debut as TVXQ in 2004 and became a star. With the conflict and lawsuit with his management company in 2009, there were waves of panic. When he later made his debut as a musical actor, it was sensational. All 3,000 seats in Sejong Cultural Centre were sold out in an instant, and he became born as a top star of musicals.

“Elisabeth” is the third production he is participating in, and is yet another challenge. Unlike in the past, this time, he has to play the main role which leads the entire story in the musical. Thus, for him who holds a sense of seriousness towards musicals, he is once again welcoming a new world of challenges.

You seem to have lost a lot of weight.
I have been exercising a bit, and I only each rice for one meal a day. For the rest of meals I only eat chicken breast. At first I ate chicken breast for all 3 meals of the day, but some growth began to appear in my mouth, and I felt like I had no energy. Although the aim of dieting is to meet the weight that I hope to achieve, but taking care of my body is also important, so now I am trying to nourish my body now.

Was the (performance) during “Kim Junsu’s Musical Concert” 2 years ago already an advance notice that you would be acting in “Elisabeth”?
At that time, although the composer Sylvester Levay did mention that he felt I was very suited for the role of “Death”, but it was yet to be confirmed that I would perform. It is just that when we were practicing the 2 songs, I really felt that they were very good, and did not pale in comparison to the songs in “Mozart!”. At that time, it was just a thought, since after all the production was not going to happen the next year but rather 2 years later, so everything was quite vague. When he asked me about my inclinations this time, it was a time when I was not satisfied with taking on similar characters, so it was a time when I wanted to look for new challenges, and that made me what to do this more.

Although this time’s production is a challenge, but were the previous two productions not challenges as well?
“Tears Of Heaven” was a fairly big challenge. Although everyone may not be aware, but the lyrics and line of movement were all changed on the day of the performance, and they were changed again after we had gone on stage. But my participation in “Tears Of Heaven” allowed me to learn a lot about musicals. Characters are not just thought out. They do not have a fixed mold, and there is no standard way (to portray them). It is like drawing freely on a piece of blank paper. Thus, I started to learn to change my intonation on stage. It was a production which allowed me to experience a lot.

In the production this time, “Elisabeth” is a character that really existed, but “Death” is a fictional character. It must have been quite difficult?
Because the other characters in the musical are people who really existed, it is easier to grasp the character, but it is really hard to grasp the feeling of Death. So I looked at it the another way, like what would Elisabeth feel towards Death? After I thought about it that way, I had a rough idea. I would also ask Seon Young nuna and Ju Hyun nuna about what they thought my character was like when they were acting. Although everyone’s perceptions may be different, but it seems that that allowed me to analyze the existence of Death. He really has a lot of sides to him. As there is no “correct answer” as to what this character is, it may appear as though there are many restrictions when acting out this role. However, I think that on the contrary, this allows me to play around with more sides of him. Compared to the lyrics, it is more important to express (the character) through body language and facial expressions.

All the productions that you have appeared in have become topics of discussion. Have you received many invitations to take on roles in musicals?
According to what I know, there have been quite a few.

What criteria do you base your choice of productions upon?
Recently I have watched many musicals, I think I have watched almost all of them. After watching, there are times where I see a production that I would like to try acting in, or times when I feel that a production is really good, but may not be suitable for me. I think along those lines. Honestly speaking though, after watching, I feel like there are many roles that I would like to try out. In future, even if it is not a solo lead role, or even if it is not going to be performed in big theatres, even if it were only in smaller theatres, I would also like to try them out.

You seem to have seen many musicals currently, which productions did you feel were interesting?
“Jekyll & Hyde”. I have heard how is really popular and all, and I after watching it, I see the reason why. “Billy Elliot”. Although it is not a role I would be able to act out, but it is really admirable. I have also seen “Zorro” twice. Geon Hyung hyung’s and Seung Woo hyung’s.

(To be continued in Part 2…)

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + PlayDB]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net
Re-up by: iXiahCassie


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