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[NEWS] JYJ Performs At A Special Event Of The Nuclear Security Summit

JYJ held a special performance at the Blue House (Cheongwadae), in conjunction with the Seoul Nuclear Security Summit.

According to JYJ’s management agency, JYJ performed at the “Seoul Nuclear Security Summit・Spouse Event”, held at the Blue House State Guesthouse on the afternoon of 27 March.

JYJ, formed by the three members Yoochun, Junsu and Jaejoong, performed “Be My Girl” and “In Heaven”, catching the eyes and ears of the guests.

A representative of the event coordinators said, “JYJ is the only group to have advanced into Asia, North America, Europe and even South America. The response from all the guests, including the First Ladies, was very positive. From the perspective of the organisers, we are also very appreciative of JYJ’s efforts. The stage this time was also an opportunity to share with the world how outstanding K-pop is.”

JYJ also expressed their thoughts. “We are very happy to have been invited to share the merits of K-pop with the First Ladies, who are representatives of the various countries. After our world tour, we feel very happy to be given another opportunity to promote Korea. Although it was a short event, we hope that this will be an opportunity for the guests present at the meeting to be left with precious memories of Korea.”

Guests, including those from Switzerland, Vietnam and the Philippines, also drew attention when they requested commemorative photos with JYJ. The First Lady of Korea also mentioned (when greeting JYJ) that she enjoys watching Yoochun in “Rooftop Prince”.

Meanwhile, after their South American concerts, which officially mark a close to their 15-city World Tour, JYJ is expected for focus on their individual activities, including dramas and musicals, in the short-term.

Source : [K Star News]
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[NEWS] Kim Junsu, Blonde Hair “Really Looks Like A Foreigner~”

Kim Junsu has been selected as the person with the look most similar to a foreigner.

Recently, a post was uploaded onto some website, with the topic “JYJ’s Kim Junsu transforms with gold hair, foreigner pose group” and uploaded a few images together with this post.

In the uploaded images, Kim Junsu from group JYJ had bleached his hair and eyebrows a platinum blonde, exhibiting a different, exotic, foreign look. His eyes makeup also helped to highlight the deep look in his eyes.

Looking at Kim Junsu’s new image, netizens said, “Why did he choose this look?” “You still look very cool, Junsu oppa” “His hair color is getting lighter” and other reactions.

Source: [BaiduTVXQ + Money Today via Nate]
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[NEWS] JYJ’s Kim Junsu, Says “Goodnight” To Fans While Dressed Spookily

Group JYJ’s Kim Junsu shocks fans with his dressing, which is reminiscent of the Grim Reaper.

On the afternoon of 26 March, Kim Junsu updated his own Twitter with “Goodnight”, and uploaded a photo.

In the photo, Kim Junsu’s dark eye make-up and pale face create a creepy atmosphere. Due to his blond hair, his face seems even paler.

Upon seeing the photo, fans expressed, “Musical Elisabeth dressing”, “It really gave me a shock, seeing this at night” and “I will not be able to sleep after seeing this”, among other responses.

(repeated portions omitted)

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + OSEN via Nate]
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[NEWS] Jaejoong’s Bleached Hair, “Couple Look With Kim Junsu”?

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong updated his profile picture on Twitter.

At dawn on 27 March, Kim Jaejoong updated his profile photo on Twitter, attracting the attention of the fans.

In the photo, Kim Jaejoong seems to be announcing the change in his state of mind during this period of time, with his transformed image of bleached hair. He also showed off his body, which is well-sculpted as usual, while wearing a wife-beater which was gifted by a Japanese fan.

Upon seeing the photos, netizens expressed, “Really happy. Thank you”, “Couple look with Kim Junsu?”, among other responses.

On another note, JYJ, the group which Kim Jaejoong belongs to, has successfully completed their South American concerts.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + enews24 via Nate]
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[NEWS] Kim Ji Hee, “National Representative In The First Year Of High School, All Thanks To ‘TVXQ’”

○ She became a national representative because of TVXQ.
When speaking of her career as a golfer, credit needs to be given to the idol group “TVXQ”. To Kim Ji Hee, TVXQ had a huge presence in her life as a teenager.

“I am an avid fan of TVXQ.” Upon saying this, a smile could be seen on Kim Ji Hee’s face. Her mother, who understood her very well, came up with a big idea. “My mother said that if I succeeded in becoming a national golfer, I could go see TVXQ. If I became a national representative, I would be allowed to go watch TVXQ’s concert, so I really worked very hard.” Her mother’s proposal was an attractive one.

“So I worked hard and practiced, and became a national golfer in my first year of high school. But I still was not able to watch a concert.”

After that, her mother made a second proposal, “If I were to become part of the team of golfers to participate in the Asian Games, then I would be able to go watch a concert for sure.” (After she went through much difficulty to secure a spot in the team,) her mother then came up with another proposal to tempt her. “If I were to win gold in the Asian Games, then I would definitely be able to watch it.”

Thus, Kim Ji Hee believed her mother this time as well, and clinched the gold medal at the Asian Games. However, she still has not been able to watch the concert which she has dreamed of.

Kim Ji Hee, who has been tempted three times, smiled brightly as she said, “I will not accept anymore of such proposals. If I manage to attain good results this year as a professional golfer, then I will go proudly in the later half of this year.”

(T/N: Kim Ji Hee is an up-and-coming professional golfer. She was the rookie of the year awards at the Korean LPGA.)

(irrelevant portions omitted)

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Sports Donga]
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[TRANS] JYJ featured in the Japanese newspaper Asahi

caption of the right pic: Peruvian fans excited in JYJ's concert, provided by C-JeS Entertainment

[TRANS] K-POP attracting South America

(Some parts omitted)

The first concert by Korean male group, “JYJ”, which was held in the capital, Lima on March 11, got rushed by about 6,000 fans. Some fans came from Bolivia by bus taking 35 hours, some fans hastened from Colombia, and some came away from Mexico.
Once the concert got started, the venue was filled with scream. A student, Damalis Salasalu(17), was smitten as, “Both of their singing and dancing are so cool. I like K-POP because it has originality.”
On the previous day of the performance, the members of JYJ spoke in its press conference, “We are astonished at looking at many fans and surprised as chased by taxi. We did never expect being welcomed with such an emotional excitement.” (Ari Hirayama from Vitoria)

 Putting forth all the forces, Korean stream out overseas 

On March 12, over 50 people such as consuls general working at diplomatic establishments abroad gathered to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Commerce which is located in the central part of Seoul.

Kim In Gyu, the president of public broadcast station, KBS, as the lecturer, introduced an event KBS sponsored, which held in Tokyo attracting about 45k people, and another one in Paris jammed by over 10k fans. He insisted, “We need to search this kind of phenomenon systematically to develop it forward.”
The lecture was held aiming that the participants think the way of using the popularity of Korean Stream for raise of Korean image in each place. The first one has already been held in February for ambassadors.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Commerce concluded the memorandum with Lotte group about publicity cooperation on Korean Culture in overseas last September. Following this, the ministry concluded another memorandum with KBS about cooperation for realization of “Globalization of Korean Stream” this February. The government clarified its policy that they will make an active use of Korean Stream in order to appeal Korean attraction abroad.
The popularity of Korean Stream has already produced various economic effects as well. According to a report from Korean custom ministry last June, the amount of export of Korean cosmetics has frown at a rapid rate. It turned as over seven times much as the one 10 years ago along with Korean Stream popularity got high. Korean Bank investigation says the income Korean culture and entertainment industry earned abroad, including exports of dramas and entertainers’ overseas performances, reached at 794 million, which became over twice for the past five years.
JYJ who succeeded its performance in South America says they will keep Australia and Middle Asian countries in its mind from now on. The concerned of the production company says, “I think K-POP is no longer just a boom. It occupies a part of culture. ” Korean Stream never stops its full charge. (Akihiko Kaise from Seoul)

Source: Asahi
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[NEWS] 2012 Seoul Nuclear Safety Summit – First lady to host cultural performances featuring JYJ

SEOUL, March 23 (Yonhap) — First lady Kim Yoon-ok will host a music concert and other cultural events for the spouses of foreign leaders attending next week’s Nuclear Security Summit, the organizing committee said Friday.

Seventeen spouses are scheduled to travel to Seoul with heads of state and leaders of international organizations for the global conference slated for Monday and Tuesday, according to the committee.

The summit will be one of the largest international events South Korea has ever hosted. Representatives from 58 nations and four international organizations, including 45 heads of state, are expected to attend.

The spouse program will begin Monday with a visit to the National Museum of Korea in central Seoul to view some of the most cherished Korean historic treasures. Later in the day, the spouses will watch a classical music concert performed by some of the country’s young musical prodigies.

On Tuesday, Kim will invite the spouses to the presidential office for a performance, titled “Queen’s Morning,” which will feature “hanbok,” a traditional Korean costume. A pop music concert by boy band “JYJ” and Korean ballad singer Seong Si-kyung is also scheduled for the same day.

“The program (for the spouses) features an array of traditional Korean culture, classical music and Korean pop culture,” an official at the committee said. “Kim has asked the organizers to focus on introducing K-pop stars and young Korean talents.”

source: english.yonhapnews
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[PICS-UPDATED] JYJ at 2012 Seoul Nuclear Safety Summit compilations

UPDATED 120329:

JYJ with Chile’s First Lady Cecilia Morel

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[VIDEO+FanCams] JYJ at 2011 Seoul Nuclear Safety Summit compilations – news+performances

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[TRANS] C-jes Entertainment: “JYJ World Tour Ended Successfully!”

JYJ 2011-12 World Tour Ended Successfully

Hello. This is C-JeS Entertainment.

JYJ’s 2011-12 world tour concert ended with the conclusion of the concert in Lima, Peru on Mar. 11.

JYJ drew 210,000 audiences in a total of 15 cities within a year. All performances showed an average of more than 80% in sales and 12 cities recorded sellouts. We are thankful for the fans’ support from of course, South Korea and all over the world. We will acknowlege the support by making better music and performances.

Also, the representative of C-JeS Entertainment, Baek Changju expressed, “The world tour was possible because of JYJ. The popularity of JYJ is so great that it is possible to hold a solo concert in any country in the world. We gained confidence and the know-how. This is the reason to anticipate a world tour next year.”

Thank you.
C-JeS Entertainment

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