[INTERVIEW] JYJ South American Concert Press Conference – “This Is Not The End”

JYJ expressed their anticipation, as the first K-pop singers to be holding independent concerts in South America.

JYJ will be holding their independent concerts at the Teatro Caupolican in Santiago, Chile on 9 March (local time), and at the Explanada Sur del Estadio Monumental stadium in Lima, Peru on 11 March. Prior to the concerts, JYJ attended a press conference held at the Radisson Hotel in Santiago, Chile on 8 March. The South American concerts this time will be the finale of the World Tour which began in Thailand last April, and was later held across Asia, North America and Europe. Up till now, JYJ has held their World Tour in 13 cities in various countires, and has attracted over 200,000 audiences. Furthermore, their concert tour of 4 cities in North America, which was organised collaboratively with the largest promoter in America, AEG, was the largest scale for any Asian artist. They were also the first Korean artists to hold concerts in Spain and Germany, during the Europe leg of their tour, as well in South America this time.

The following is an interview from the press conference.

Q: What have you prepared in order to interact with the South American fans during the concert this time?
Junsu: Because we had the concert in Spain, we were able to pick up a bit of Spanish. Therefore, this time we plan to challenge (using) longer sentences. If we were to talk about the little changes that were made to the concert, we made some changes to a few songs such as “Get Out”, and we hope to showcase unconventional performances. In particular, the “shuffling dance” which is popular all over the world has been included in “Get Out”, please look out for that.

Q: How are the South American fans?
Yoochun: We met the fans for the first time at the airport at dawn today, so we still cannot say for sure, but we really felt the passion of the Chilean fans when they held up the different coloured JYJ albums, and when they came directly to the airport and said things to us in Korean. I really like how they do all that for us just based on the pure feelings of liking. Also, we were under the impression that the culture here was very passionate, but now that we are really here, we are surprised at how quiet the streets are.

Q: What does the World Tour mean to JYJ?
Jaejoong: A few years ago, the qualifier “World Tour” was used even if you only toured Asia, and did performances in cities within the US. (But) because we did not stop there, and we ended up going around the world, there is a sense of pride in that this is a true “World Tour”. However, now that we have been to South America, I think there are even more places that we must go to. That is why this is not the end, and I am looking forward to having a second and a third World Tour.

Q: Is there any difference in your state of mind, from when you first had your showcase at Hwajeong Gymnasium in Seoul, and now as you are having your World Tour?
Junsu: At that time, we were really nervous as that was our first stage after releasing songs as JYJ. Although we are also nervous now of course, but at that time we really lacked confidence. So I think we just grit our teeth and pushed through. Even now, there are always many difficulties when we want to do something, and there is not much for us to choose from. Even promoting something small seems difficult for us. Our ship is still not secure, so we have no choice but to repair it as we move along. If one of the three of us were to breakdown, it would be like a situation where the ship meets a mountain. At those times, all three of us have to gather together and work hard.

Q: Various K-pop singers have been having concerts with the title of “World Tour”, but there is the perception that most concerts do not live up to the reach of this title.
Jaejoong: If you were to talk about the limitations faced when holding concerts in places such as Europe, USA and South America, it would be that these places are really far away. There are many equipments and various small items that are required for a concert, but it is impossible to have all of those. For example, when moving equipment from Taiwan, it takes about 1 to 3 months by ship. But even without music and special items, I think there are many (other) ways you can allow the audience to enjoy. Even if there are various areas which are imperfect, if we are able to make up for it through other ways, then I think we would hear less comments about how sincerity and enthusiasm is disappearing in K-pop.

Q: What (do you think) is a system that artists need to in order to allow K-pop to develop (further)?
Junsu: If there were direct flights, I think (we) would be able to come to South America easily and more frequently. As K-pop is developing well worldwide, I think it would be nice if there could be companies in each country which specialise solely in organising performances for K-pop artists in these countries. That way, I think there would surely be performances of high quality.

Q: Are there any concrete plans for activities in Korea from now on?
Junsu: Presently we are carrying out our solo activites in Korea. Although there are no concrete plans yet, there are plans for either a concert or a fanmeeting to allow us to interact with the Korean fans. We are not sure when that will happen yet. Though the members have been involved in dramas and musicals, we are writing and receiving songs whenever we can afford the time. Should we be able to complete a good album the near future, there are plans for it to be released, so please look forward to that.

Source : [K Star News]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net
Re-up by: iXiahCassie


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