[NEWS] JYJ: “Our Lives Were Like A Prison Without Bars Because Of Sasaeng Fans”

[T/N: The term ‘Sasaeng fan’, which comes from the combination of ‘privacy(사생私生)’ and ‘fan’, refers to fans who follow their favorite celebrities around to find out everything about their personal lives and invades their privacy. It is not to be mixed with ‘Saesang’, which means ‘The World)]

▲Ahead of their concert on the 8th(local time), JYJ held a press conference at the Radisson Hotel in Chile and talked of holding their first concert in South America, as well as the recent sasaeng fan controversy.

JYJ, who will be the first Korean singers to hold a solo concert in South America, expressed their firm determination to succeed as the forerunners of the K-pop boom as they stated, “There are so many more countries we need to visit.” Meanwhile, due to the recent controversy in which the members verbally and physically abused sasaeng fans, they also talked of the pain they suffered through because of sasaeng fans and made their apology.

“◇Our lives were like a prison without bars because of our sasaeng fans.”

JYJ will be the first Korean singers to hold a solo concert in South America as they perform in Santiago, Chile on the 9th and Lima, Peru on the 11th. These concerts will be the finale for the world tour that began last April and crossed through Asia, North America and Europe. Ahead of their concert, JYJ held a press conference on the 8th(local time) and talked of the recent sasaeng fan controversy. A file that is said to contain audio of the members of JYJ verbally and physically abusing sasaeng fans in 2009 were belatedly released on the 6th and instantly stirred up an explosive reaction.

Entering the press conference venue with dark expressions on their faces, the members of JYJ talked of the suffering they endured because of their sasaeng fans. Park Yoochun stated, “Since our debut in 2004, we’ve been suffering because of sasaeng fans for eight straight years without a day of rest,” and “It felt like living in a prison without bars as someone was watching our every move and chasing after us to share everything about us with others.”

Kim Junsu also added on that, “They would eavesdrop on our telephone conversations and secretly install GPS tracking systems on our cars to chase us around, even breaking in to our houses and taking photos of our personal items. Someone even attempted to kiss me as I slept and others would make a car accident happen in a taxi so that they could see my face. A suffocating fear would surround me every day and all I wanted to do was pursue at least the basic fundamentals of a normal life amidst the indescribable sufferings.”

But they also made an official apology as they felt that they had caused their fans to worry over the controversy. Kim Jaejoong said, “I apologize for my past actions that were wrong,” and “I apologize as many fans felt hurt because of what happened. From now on, I will take responsibility as a public figure and not crumble when I’m worn out mentally or facing an extreme situation, for the sake of the people who love us.”


Source: [sports seoul]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net
re-up by: iXiahCassie


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