[NEWS] Kim Ji Hee, “National Representative In The First Year Of High School, All Thanks To ‘TVXQ’”

○ She became a national representative because of TVXQ.
When speaking of her career as a golfer, credit needs to be given to the idol group “TVXQ”. To Kim Ji Hee, TVXQ had a huge presence in her life as a teenager.

“I am an avid fan of TVXQ.” Upon saying this, a smile could be seen on Kim Ji Hee’s face. Her mother, who understood her very well, came up with a big idea. “My mother said that if I succeeded in becoming a national golfer, I could go see TVXQ. If I became a national representative, I would be allowed to go watch TVXQ’s concert, so I really worked very hard.” Her mother’s proposal was an attractive one.

“So I worked hard and practiced, and became a national golfer in my first year of high school. But I still was not able to watch a concert.”

After that, her mother made a second proposal, “If I were to become part of the team of golfers to participate in the Asian Games, then I would be able to go watch a concert for sure.” (After she went through much difficulty to secure a spot in the team,) her mother then came up with another proposal to tempt her. “If I were to win gold in the Asian Games, then I would definitely be able to watch it.”

Thus, Kim Ji Hee believed her mother this time as well, and clinched the gold medal at the Asian Games. However, she still has not been able to watch the concert which she has dreamed of.

Kim Ji Hee, who has been tempted three times, smiled brightly as she said, “I will not accept anymore of such proposals. If I manage to attain good results this year as a professional golfer, then I will go proudly in the later half of this year.”

(T/N: Kim Ji Hee is an up-and-coming professional golfer. She was the rookie of the year awards at the Korean LPGA.)

(irrelevant portions omitted)

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Sports Donga]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net
Re-up by: iXiahCassie


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2 responses to “[NEWS] Kim Ji Hee, “National Representative In The First Year Of High School, All Thanks To ‘TVXQ’””

  1. charlene says :

    This is a painful way to motivate children. This young lady could have achieved all of these goals if her motivation came from the inside, not the outside. Mom, it is time to keep your word and take her to a TVXQ Concert.

    This reminds me of a movie I watched recently entitled ‘Seven Days in Utopia’. It is also about golf. Check it Out. Momma Cha

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