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[PICS] [OFFICIAL FACEBOOK] Junsu’s 1st Solo Album Teaser

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[VIDEO] Junsu’s mom and Junho in “Super Mama” (A Special Collaboration for Charity) documentary clip

[FANARTS] JYJ For NII Compilation Fanarts^^


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[FANMADE] 120422 Cute Junjju Claydoll^^


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[FANARTS] 120420 JaeSu On The Music Studio^^


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[NEWS] Kim Junsu’s Solo Concert: within 2 minutes 17,000 seats were sold and sold out in 5 minutes!

Tickets for JYJ member Kim Junsu‘s solo concert sold out in just 5 short minutes.

JYJ’s agency CJeS remarked on April 19th, “Tickets for Kim Junsu’s solo concert began selling at 8PM tonight, and within 2 minutes, 17,000 seats were bought. Within 5 minutes, the concert was completely sold out.

But as soon as ticket sales began, our server had crashed due to the sudden influx of traffic so it’s more like the tickets sold out within 3 to 4 minutes,” they explained.

Kim Junsu’s very first solo concert will take place on May 19th and 20th at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul. In the past, when Kim Junsu played a role in the musical ‘Mozart‘, he caused 45,000 seats to sell within 5 minutes. Seeing this, the fight to seize a ticket for his concert began as soon as news of his solo performance broke out.

A representative from CJeS remarked, “We realized just how explosive the public’s response was towards Kim Junsu’ album, seeing how the tickets sold out so quickly even though we have yet to even reveal the concept for the album. Depending on how many cancelled tickets we have on April 23rd, we will decide if we want to hold another ticket sale, but as of now, it looks like that’s going to be difficult.”

source: OSEN
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[NEWS] Junsu’s 1st Asia Tour Concert tickets sold out in 5 minutes!

JYJ’s Junsu will comeback in May with his very first solo album and Asian tour. He decided to shun his debut showcase do a tour that will begin in Seoul on May 19 and 20. The tour will continue on to other Asian countries such as Thailand, Macau, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Shanghai.

The tickets for his concert began selling on April 19, but were sold out in 5 minutes! A representative of JYJ’s agency stated, “We started sales for Junu’s solo album official concert on April 19 at 8pm. The tickets for two days which are about 17,000 were sold out within 5 minutes. The tickets sold out when ticket sales were open and caused the server to freeze. So actually, the tickets sold out in 3 to 4 minutes.”

A representative of Interpark that is taking care of ticket sales stated, “After the news about the Junsu concert, nearly 70~80% of customer service calls are about Junsu’s concert.”

A representative of JYJ’s agency stated, “We witnessed the explosive anticipation for Junu’s solo album which has not even revealed its album concept. After the number of cancellation tickets on April 23, we will decide whether to open up more ticket sales.”

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[TRANS] Kim Junsu’s Message In Nikkan Sports

It’s been one year since the Tohoku Earthquake, but there are probably still many problems. Everyone, please stay strong. I hope that the FC MEN match will become everybody’s strength.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Nikkan Sports]
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[NEWS] JYJ Kim Junsu Concert Ticketing Starts On 19 May, Ticketing Lines Crippled

JYJ member Kim Junsu, who will be making his solo comeback, has gained a lot of attention.

Kim Junsu’s management company C-JeS Entertainment revaled on 16 May that he will be releasing a solo album in May, and will also be holding concerts within Korea as well as an Asia Tour.

After news about Kim Junsu’s solo album was released, it gained a lot of attention from fans on various online portals and SNS, who said, “Finally, the best is coming,” “Looking forward to the power of the idol star with the No.1 singing ability” and other reactions.

Furthermore, after the news was released, tweets about Kim Junsu’s solo album reached over 3,000, and Kim Junsu related news was retweeted on an average of over 100 times, showing an explosive reaction.

C-JeS said, “After news of the album was announced, requests for pre-orders have been flooding in. Not only from Korea, but there are may overseas buyers as well, and we can feel his global popularity.”

Interpark, who is the ticketing agent for Kim Junsu’s first solo concert said, “We will be starting ticketing for the first round of sales at 8pm on 19 April, and the interpark hotlines are currently crippled, with 70-80% of the customer enquiries being about Kim Junsu-related performances. Although we already saw Kim Junsu’s ticket power from the sale of musical tickets, but every round of sales brings about a big surprise.”

The first round of ticketing for Kim Junsu’s concert will start at 8pm, 19 April on interpark.

Source: [BaiduTVXQ + TV Daily via Nate]
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