[NEWS] JYJ To Hold Fan Exposition, “Made Possible By JYJ’s Popularity Worldwide & Fan Power”

JYJ will hold a large-scale fan exhibition in June, the first of its kind in Korea.

According to JYJ’s management agency C-Jes Entertainment, “The 2012 JYJ Membership Week will be held for four days, beginning 28 June, in the SETEC (Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention Center) at Hakyeoul station. The 2012 JYJ Membership Week is an event planned for JYJ fans worldwide, following JYJ’s World Tour. It is also a service for members of the JYJ Membership managed by C-Jes Entertainment.”

C-Jes Entertainment representative Baek Chang Ju said, “This large-scale fan exhibition will be the first of its kind to be held in Korea. Planned as a large-scale fanmeeting for JYJ Membership members, fans will be able to see, hear, and experience everything about JYJ through related exhibits and various activities.”

Currently, C-Jes Entertainment is managing the JYJ Membership with local fans as their focus, and held a large fanmeet event in March 2011, with the concept of “Sweet Fanmeeting”. This year, the membership service will soon be extended to Japanese fans. In June, 150,000 fans from Korea and Japan, selected by a random draw, will be invited to the fanmeet event. For the Japanese fans attending the event this time, C-Jes will be preparing a special tour package, including the cheapest flights and accommodation, as well as other services. Furthermore, the fanmeeting will be free for Korean and Japanese JYJ Membership members.

In addition, the first fan exhibition to be held in Korea will be extremely eventful. In the four-day event, aside from JYJ introducing the activities, there will be a special JYJ photo exhibition, a food zone with food selected by JYJ, and other activities to allow fans to create many memories with JYJ, as well as other game facilities. It is expected for the expo to be a place where fans will be brought into the world of JYJ.

Presently, the programs which have been confirmed include a multimedia room which will display support messages from fans all over the world, fan art contests, a design competition segment, a special exhibition of gifts from fans as well as JYJ trick art and photo sticker corners, among others. There will also be opportunities for international fans, who have increased in number due to the World Tour, to get involved. It is planned for a dance cover festival to be held in each of the continents, with the selected teams being invited to the event with all expenses paid for by C-Jes.

Representative Baek Chang Ju said, “JYJ’s fans are not limited to Korea or Asia, so the needs of fans vary on different levels. This event will be able to meet the requests of all the fans at one go. Also, since this exhibition is not an event for us to profit from, MD goods will not be sold this time, and the fanmeeting will be free. It is a festival planned to repay the fans who have been giving their support and love to JYJ all this while, and an event through which JYJ’s international popularity and fan power can be felt.”

JYJ also expressed, “We are very happy and excited to hear that we will be able to spend four days with our fans. From now on, we will think of creative ideas whenever we are free and participate actively in the preparation for the exhibition. We hope that this will be an opportunity for us to repay the fans who have been supporting us and giving us love.”

Meanwhile, JYJ is currently in the midst of their individual activities, including dramas and musicals.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Hanguk Daily via Nate]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net
re-up by: iXiahCassie

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