[FAN MESSAGE] From Korean Cassiopeia

[URGENT INFO] From Korean Cassiopeia To World Fans Of TVXQ : About “RED” identity of Cassiopeia used by EXO’s Fans

Dear TVXQ World Fans,

Hello, TVXQ fans! This is Korean TVXQ fanclub, Cassiopeia. We as Cassiopeia members write this to ask you a favor.

As you know, “Red” is the color which represents the identity of TVXQ. “Red” has been loved by TVXQ world fans including Cassiopeia as the symbol and pride of our TVXQ from 2004 still now, 2012.

It is not a simple color, it is the communication language and nonverbal code between TVXQ and its fans around the world. But, unfortunately, we’ve found that a new group of the same Company is trying to set its image color as almost similar to TVXQ support color, “Red”. They say it’s not completely the same color, but it looks the same when we see a little far, which means they’re almost twin red and will look the same at the concerts and even outside unless we look at them closely in natural light, as impossible to distinguish them.

Moreover, what matters is the color of the penlight that the new group will use.
It is sure that the group and their fans will use the penlight in the Company concert tours to be held this year. And we’re going to face a big confusion among group fans in all the performance places and concerts.In Korea, an idol group’s image color shown in the support balloons and penlights means the symbol of the group and the fans’ pride of their star. Thus, it is a tacit custom that the color one group currently uses can not be used by others, because such use means disrespect for the other group’s pride. The number of color is limited and a lot of new groups select various image colors. But, it is custom commonly admitted that no one should use the image color of their seniors’ as theirs (ex, current white, light blue, yellow, and orange) without notice as the
respect for them.

Now, we TVXQ fans are facing the problem, What is more serious, it is by the same Company that never caused this kind of problem before. What does it mean?

We can not help thinking that the Company intends to identify two groups (TVXQ and the new group), which will finally hurt TVXQ’s and its fandom (Cassiopeia and world fans)’s pride, causing TVXQ fandom to be confused with that of the new group.

Such confusion will also make the confusion of their fan size by misunderstanding the support color to the press. It may be the Company’s intention as we think.

We’ve shown our support and love for TVXQ as “Red”, which can not be used as any confused support for the other group.This matter is quite serious for us enough not to sit back. Could you remember the meaning of “Red Ocean” seen to our star, Yunho and Changmin at TVXQ’s performance, and also to us as their fans? We know the power of “Red Ocean” to TVXQ! Now, Korean TVXQ fans are trying to deliver what we think to the Company by calling or showing our thought on the Company TVXQ Official Home Page, and sending fax and e-mail.Surely the new group’s image color should be changed not to confuse people and fans.

It must be changed now. As you know, once it is decided, it will be much difficult to change the color.

Now, we have to do something!

We, from the heart and to the heart ask a favor of TVXQ fans all over the world to give your hand and love for TVXQ to keep our communication code and symbol “Red”.

Please appeal the Company, Korea, saying to keep “Red” as TVXQ’s and TVXQ fans’, We really hope you can participate in our appeal. We can keep our being loved star TVXQ!

Please show your love for TVXQ and give your hand to Korean Cassiopeia.We can keep TVXQ’s “Red” and our communication code
with TVXQ!

Thanks a lot for your help in advance.

Contact SM By Leaving A Message In:
SME Korean Fanboard : tvxq.smtown.com
SME Korea TVXQ Contact : tvxq-fanclub@hotmail.net

From Korean Cassiopeia.


Source: iMaxCassie + DC Gallery
Shared by: iXiahCassie


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