[TWITTER UPDATES] 120501-120504 Junsu’s Weekly Spazz Summary~!

[TRANS] The end.. has come upon me…^^;;

저희 어머니께 예쁜옷 선물 해 주셔서 감사합니다~^^꿀자매~더욱더 대박나세요ㅎ
[TRANS] Thank you for gifting my mother with pretty clothes~^^ The Honey Sisters~ I hope you hit it big haha

이 창밖 너머로 가고싶다…;;
[TRANS] I want to go out beyond this window…;;

[TRANS] Ah~~~~~

내가좋아하는 야자수랑 노을이 함께있다 ㅎㅎ
[TRANS] Palm trees and the sunset, two of my favorite things together in one photo haha

오늘 죽음으로서 마지막 무대 가는길….내마음과는 상관없이 날씨 참 좋구나..^^;;
[TRANS] On the way to my last performance as Death…. The weather’s great today, regardless of how I’m feeling right now..^^;;

@yoonphantom 형 함께무대에 설수있어서 넘 좋았어요ㅜ
[TRANS] @yoonphantom Hyung, I really liked being able to stand on the same stage as youㅜ
[IN REPLY TO] @1215thexiahtic 정말 수고 많았어… 마지막까지 멋지게 불사르라귯!! 뽜이야~~!!^^
[TRANS] @1215thexiahtic You’ve done such an amazing job… Light the stage on fire till the very end!! Fire~~!!^^

@mjkim8200 감독님 ..누나 오늘 유종의미를 ㅎㅎ 화이팅
[TRANS] @mjkim8200 Director.. I hope we can bring it to a successful conclusion haha Hwaiting

[IN REPLY TO] @1215thexiahtic 혼자 넘 이른 막공이엿!!워쩔껴!!ㅠㅠ 고생했다. 보고싶을거야..ㅠㅠ
[TRANS] @1215thexiahtic You’re having your final performance way too early!! What shall we do!!ㅠㅠ Great job. I’m going to miss you..ㅠㅠ

엘리자벳…처음 내게 죽음 역활로 제의가 왔었을때..많이 망설여졌습니다..너무나 좋은작품에 좋은 역활인건 누구보다 잘 알았었지만…과연 내게 맞는 옷 일까 하는 의문이 들었었거든요…하지만 지금이순간 막공을 끝내고 보니 잘했고 못했고를 떠나서
[TRANS] Elisabeth… When I first got the offer to play the role of Death.. I was filled with hesitation.. Though I knew better than anyone else that it was such a great production and such a great role… I wondered if it would be the right fit for me… But now, at this moment, having finished my last performance, I set aside the thought of whether I did well or not-

뮤지컬 배우로서 많은걸 배울수 있었던 시간이 아니였나 생각해봅니다..처음부터 끝까지 힘이되어주셨던 엘리자벳 배우분들…함께할수있어서 저또한 힘이 되었고 너무나 행복했습니다..너무나 감사드리고 함께 울고 웃어주신 관객 여러분들께도 진심으로 감사드립니다
[TRANS] -and I think of how this gave me the opportunity to learn so much as a musical actor.. To all the actors in Elisabeth who gave me strength from the beginning till the end… I gained so much strength from being with you and I’ve really enjoyed it.. Thank you so much and I also want to sincerely thank the audience who laughed and cried with us

@joohyunieee 아이돌이여 영원하라~~~하하하!
[TRANS] @joohyunieee Idols Forever~~~ Hahaha!

[IN REPLY TO @joohyunieee] 서울막공도 아니였는데 왜케 많이 울었냐고들 물어보는 사람이 많았습니다…원래 눈물이 많기도하지만요,,오늘 낮공은 또다른 만감이 교차하는 시간들이었습니다.. 사실 전,공연을 선택하기전 연예인 캐스팅이 한명이상 되는듯 싶으면 마음을 돌립니다..혹여,,연예인 마캐팅이 부각되어 그 공연이 진중해보이지 않으면 어쩌나 하는 생각에,,물론 어디까지나 저만의 기준이지만요..^^ 그런데 이렇게 좋은 공연에,,전직 아이돌^^이었던 두사람이 들어갔으니,,때문에 두사람다 이번 공연을 준비하면서 다른 어느때 보다도 더 무거운 맘으로 임했을거에요..
준수와도 그런 얘길 나눈적이 있어요..
우리 정말 잘해야해.맞아요 누나 잘하자구요..!
공연을 올리고 지금껏 달려오는 동안,쉬지않고 중간중간 씬들에 대한 고민을 나눌때 참 뿌듯했고 든든했습니다.
오늘 공연 직전,토드에게서 파이팅과 함께 온 -아이돌이여 영원하라-라는 메세지를 보니 어찌나 뭉클하던지..
그래서,,오늘 무대위에서의 눈물과 감정은 마지막 샤토드와 옥엘리로써,뮤지컬무대에 선 아이돌 선후배로써, 고맙고 짠하고 감동이 컸던것같아요..^^
만남이 있으면 헤어짐도 있는법,,다시 만날 날을 기다리게됩니다…
아이돌이여 영원하라..
[TRANS] There has been a great number of people who asked why I was crying so much though it wasn’t my last performance in Seoul… Though it’s true that I’m easily moved to tears,, Today’s matinée was a time when I felt myself filled with so many emotions.. To tell you the truth, I usually change my mind about choosing a production if there’s at least one celebrity chosen as a cast member.. Because,, I worry that the production will be looked down upon for celebrity marketing,, Of course, this is solely based on my personal opinion..^^ But because two people who are former idols^^,, were chosen for such a great production as this one,, I’m sure the two of us went into preparations for this production with a heavier heart than usual.. I once talked about this with Junsu..
We have to do really well. You’re right, noon, let’s do our best..!
Since opening the curtains for the first time till now, there were countless moments when we’d discuss our concerns and thoughts about various scenes, and these moments make me feel so proud and reassured.
Right before today’s performance, I received a message from Tod that said Hwaiting and -Idols Forever- that left me with a myriad of emotions..
So,, the tears and emotions on stage today were from the bittersweet gratitude I felt as XiahTod and OkElly, as a senior and junior idol member performing in a musical together for the last time..^^
As every greeting comes with a farewell,, I find myself waiting for the next time that we meet…
Idols Forever..

안울려고했는데…마지막 베일 씬에서 선영누나를 보자마자 .정말 마지막이구나 하는 만감이 교차하면서 결국 울어버렸네요..죽음은 그러면 안되는데……..같이 울어줬던 두엘리 선영누나 그리고 주현누나 그동안 너무 감사했습니다.
[TRANS] I tried not to cry… But as soon as I saw Seon Young noona in the scene with the veil. A myriad of emotions hit me as I realized that this was really my last performance, so I ended up crying.. Death shouldn’t do that……. Thank you so much to the two Ellys who cried with me, Seon Young noona and Joo Hyun noona.

우리는 영원속으로 안식과 자유를 향해 떠난거니까 울지마세요….^^
[TRANS] Don’t cry, we’ve just left for the peace and freedom of eternity….^^

그리고 정말 너무나 젊게사시는 멋진목소리 영기형 뮤지컬 스승 은태형 그리고 샤승이라는 신조어를 낳게한 승대형..멋진손짓 정화누나 우리 학교 교수님 태원누나 미친고음 수용이형 존잘미남 민철이형 프링글스 윤제프ㅠ멋진 정한이형 창의형 재판관목소리 정열이형
[TRANS] And Young Ki hyung, who has an amazing voice and always lives such a youthful life, Eun Tae hyung, my musical master, Seung Dae hyung, who gave birth to the new word XiahSeung.. Jung Hwa noona and her cool hand gestures, Tae Won noona, our school professor, Soo Young hyung and his crazy high notes, extremely handsome Min Chul hyung, Pringles YoonJeffㅠ Awesome Jung Han hyung, Chang Ui hyung and Jung Yeol hyung who did the judge’s voice

그리고 최고의 앙상블 형누나 동생들..최고의 음감 김문정누나 연출 인선이형.. 내가좋아하는 EMK 식구들..이외에 모든 스텝분들 다 감사합니다..아!그리고 우리 여섯 죽천분들…감사했습니다
[TRANS] And the best ensemble ever.. Kim Moon Jung noona with her perfect pitch, In Seon hyung who was in charge of casting.. Our beloved EMK family.. and every other staff member involved, thank you everyone.. Ah! And our six Angles of Death… Thank you

아그리고 솔직히 나보단 형같은 동석이랑..ㅎㅎ 처음 뮤지컬 입문한 승현이도 너무 고마웠어~~^^
[TRANS] Oh, and to Dong Seok, who is honestly more like an older brother than me.. haha and to Seung Hyun, who was performing in a musical for the first time, thank you so much~~^^

@gunboy77 아니예요형~^^우린축구장에서 봐요ㅎ
[TRANS] @gunboy77 It’s okay, hyung~^^ We’ll see each other on the soccer field haha

[IN REPLY TO] @1215thexiahtic 참!! 공연못가서미안하다.. 니공연은표
[TRANS] @1215thexiahtic Oh!! I’m sorry I couldn’t come and watch you.. I couldn’t get tickets for your performances.. ㅠㅠ

@seungdaeK 형이 언젠가 대기실에서 나는 몇년째 김승대의 재발견이라는 소리만 계속 듣고있다며 얘기하신게 떠오르네요..형은 이제누가봐도 최고의 뮤지컬배우입니다..^^내가 누굴평가할 입장은아니지만..형의 연기와 노래를 듣고 울고있는 관객들을보면
[TRANS] @seungdaeK I’m reminded of you in the dressing room saying that people have been telling you that they’re seeing you in a new light for years now.. Hyung, no one can deny that you’re an amazing musical actor anymore..^^ Though I’m not in the position to critique anyone.. When I saw the audience crying because of your acting and singing-
@seungdaeK 형은 벌써 최고의 배우예요…심지어 죽음인나도 형 거울송 듣고 매번울고 나오잖아요~함께할수있어서 넘행복했어요^^
[TRANS] –That’s when I felt that you are an amazing actor… Even I, Death, would come out in tears from your mirror song~ I’m so happy that we were able to work together^^

[IN REPLY TO] @1215thexiahtic 형도 잊지 않을께!!! 너한테 배운것도많고 무대에서 주고 받았던 호흡들… 기억에 오래 남을꺼 같다~ 또 금방 좋은 작품,좋은 사람들과 같이보자!금방또 만날꺼야~^^수고했어~샤토드!!!^^
[TRANS] @1215thexiahtic I won’t forget you either!!! I’ve learned so much from you, and the chemistry we had on stage… will stay in my memories for a long time~ I hope you see you soon with another great production and set of people! We’ll see each other soon~^^ Great job~ XiahTod!!!^^

@mjjeje 형도 이제 시작이구나~~화이팅!!^^
[TRANS] @mjjeje Your work has finally begun too~~ Hwaiting!!^^
[IN REPLY TO] @1215thexiahtic 내 멋진 형제~준수^^
[TRANS] @1215thexiahtic My awesome brother~ Junsu^^

@jekyll8749 저또한 형과 한무대에 설수 있어서 너무 행복했어요~^^너무 감사합니다…자주 연락 드릴께요!!!!!!
[TRANS] @jekyll8749 I, too, was so happy to be able to stand on one stage with you~^^ Thank you so much… I’ll keep in touch!!!!!!!

[IN REPLY TO] @1215thexiahtic 새벽이 돼서야 잘려구 누웠는데 쉽게 잠이 안오네~^^ 무대에서 보여준 너의 섬세한 표현력과 풍부한 감성 열정들에 우리에게도 큰 자극이었고 너무 고마웠어~바쁘더라도 종종 극장 놀러와~형이 맛난거 사줄께~^^ 오늘 멋졌다!!
[TRANS] @1215thexiahtic I’ve finally laid down to sleep in the early hours of the morning but sleep isn’t coming to me~^^ The detailed expressiveness and strong and passionate emotions you showed on stage gave us all a big push to do better, thank you so much~ Even though you’re busy, come to the theater from time to time~ I’ll treat you to something delicious~^^ You were awesome today!!

오늘도 날씨 참 좋구나..^^
[TRANS] The weather’s great today..^^

@jekyll8749 그리고 어제 저 막공이라고 더욱 작렬해주신 애드립..너무 큰 선물이었던것 같아요~^^마땅히 죽음은 애드립 할 곳이 없더라구요..ㅜ혹여나 해도 너무 극을 망쳐버릴수있는 역할이라..ㅎ저대신 재밌게 꾸며주셔서 진심으로 감사했습니다ㅠ
[TRANS] @jekyll And the fact that you went wilder on your ad-libs because it was my last performance.. That was such a big gift for me~^^ I realized that Death doesn’t have many chances to ad-lib..ㅜ And even if there were, it could have ruined the performance.. haha Thank you so much for making the performance so fun and enjoyableㅠ

[IN REPLY TO] @1215thexiahtic 새벽이 돼서야 잘려구 누웠는데 쉽게 잠이 안오네~^^ 무대에서 보여준 너의 섬세한 표현력과 풍부한 감성 열정들에 우리에게도 큰 자극이었고 너무 고마웠어~바쁘더라도 종종 극장 놀러와~형이 맛난거 사줄께~^^ 오늘 멋졌다!!
[TRANS] @1215thexiahtic I’ve finally laid down to sleep in the early hours of the morning but sleep isn’t coming to me~^^ The detailed expressiveness and strong and passionate emotions you showed on stage gave us all a big push to do better, thank you so much~ Even though you’re busy, come to the theater from time to time~ I’ll treat you to something delicious~^^ You were awesome today!!

@beyondmonica ㅋㅋ석준아 형한테 오려므나
[TRANS] @beyondmonica keke Seok Jun, come to me

[IN REPLY TO @beyondmonica] 석준이 담임쌤 면담 일정 잡혔다. 6살 석준이가 내 ‘키’유전자 덕에 7살 키인 거 빼고는 엄마로서 해 준 게 없는 나는 세상에서 쌤 면담이 젤로 두렵다. 떨려 떨려 떨려!!!! 오들오들…;;;;
[TRANS] I have an appointment with Seok Jun’s homeroom teacher. Nothing scares me more than talking with teachers because I haven’t done anything for Seok Jun except give him my ‘tall height’ gene that gave six-year-old Seok Jun the height of a seven-year-old. I’m nervous, nervous, nervous!!!! I’m shaking in my boots…;;;;

@skpark81 오오~말로만 하는건 아니아니 아니되오~~~
[TRANS] @skpark81 Oh, oh~ Don’t let this be just words and no action~~~

[IN REPLY TO] @1215thexiahtic 준수야 형이 김치보내줄께 먹어봐람!
[TRANS] @1215thexiahtic Junsu, I’ll send you some kimchi, try it!

@JUNO_Japan 화이팅!!!^^
[TRANS] @JUNO_Japan Hwaiting!!!^^

[IN REPLY TO @Juno_Japan] 5월15일 준수앨범발매!16일 주노싱글발매! 뭔가 제 자신도 기대되네요!!힘내겠습니다!(=´∀`)人(´∀`=)5月15日 JUNSUアルバム発売!16日JUNOシングル発売!なんか ぼく自分も たのしみだね!!がんばります!
[TRANS] Junsu’s album will be released on the 15th of May! JUNO’s single will be released on the 16th! Even I find myself getting excited!! We’ll do our best! (=´∀`)人(´∀`=) 

@gunboy77 하하하!!!>•<

[TRANS] @gunboy77 hahaha!!! !>•<

[IN REPLY TO] @1215thexiahtic @JUNO_Japan 형제는용감했다!!^^
[TRANS] @1215thexiahtic @JUNO_Japan The brothers were brave!!^^

source: @1215thexiahtic
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net
Re-up by: iXiahCassie


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