[NEWS] Kim Junsu’s 1st solo album sold out in Korea and in Japan

JYJ member Kim Junsu‘s 1st solo album is an amazing success both in Korea and in Japan.

Kim Junsu’s agency CJeS Entertainment announced on the 18th, “Kim Junsu’s 1st solo album ‘XIA’ has ranked #1 on iTunes Japan.”

The feat is truly special because this happens to be his debut album and he had to compete against Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber for the #1 spot.

When it was announced early May about the release of Kim Junsu’s 1st album, Tower Records had reported that it was often ranking #1 on the pre-order sales chart.

All available copies were sold out as soon as the album was released and the album is currently ranked #1 on Japan’s Rakuten and on Amazon Japan.

An insider in the Japanese record industry stated, “The reservation order has been explosive and his albums are impossible to find on the shelves right now. It is really surprising since Kim Junsu isn’t promoting at all in Japan.”

100,000 copies were pre-ordered in Korea and his popularity was no different there. Kim Junsu will hold the 1st solo concert of his career on May 19th and on the 20th.

Source: TV Daily via Nate
credit: kpopfever
shared by: iXiahCassie


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