[INTERVIEW] Kim Junsu, Listening To Favourite Music And Singing To Heart’s Content…Is There Such A Perfect Genre Still?

Kim Junsu, Listening To Favourtie Music And Singing To Heart’s Content… Is There Such A Perfect Genre Still?

PhotobucketHe is currently no longer awkward with the term, “Musical Actor”. Though in the beginning, he joined without understanding the ‘music’ in musical well. However the more he indulged in it, the more he fell into the charm of musical. During the depiction of “The Last Dance” and “I Am My Music” at his first solo concert after the release of his first solo album, the feelings swelled up was not once or twice.

Though he is already one of the best idol, singer and musical actor, Kim Junsu was more than happy to welcome challenge. Musical is another beginning for him. Another stage for him to present his songs. “Is there such a perfect genre around? Listening to my favourite music, singing songs while living a life of different characters. Will it touched audience? All the actors and actresses and staffs… their simple and passionate love for musical is very admirable. So fantastic.”

It was not an easy decision. At that time, the prejudice against an idol standing on a musical stage was extreme. Besides, the conflicts with his ex-company had him struggling with the decision. Therefore it was no surpise that he rejected at first. “The burden was huge. At that time, I felt that I could not do it. But after that, I listened to the music from Mozart and truly loved those music. As I can relate the lines and lyrics to my situation, I get into the character easily when I was performing.”

“Musical is a stage that gave me limitless inspirations. If I were to say that a singer who’s on stage gained exhilaration and energy from the impromptu reactions (from the crowd), then for musical it’s the gaining of different reactions from the audience every different day and thereafter improving oneself for the next stage performance. This solo album is also inspired by musical.”

As an idol singer who succeeded as a musical actor, he is currently awaiting the next new challenge. He has been focusing on production and OSTs. With a strong determination character of finishing anything he started, he is not afraid of challenging new genres. He is also prepared with a mindset of ‘suffering bitterness’ ten times for the sake of ‘tasting sweetness’ once.

“I think that by not being complacent with current status and endlessly working hard to show a better self is ‘challenge’. Though it’s too early to do production now, but when time comes, I would want to challenge injecting other sentiments in OSTs. I think that happiness is not attaining what I dreamt of but to be thankful for what I’m having right now. Thus I am feeling happy right now and thus wish to try other challenges.”

Kim Junsu is a soccer player?

The mind analysis for Kim Junsu is very simple. 50% of music and 50% of soccer. It will be 100% music when he’s making music and 100% soccer when he’s on the soccer field. His love for soccer is almost on par with his love for music. “(You) should know right? I am in celebrity team, FC MEN. I really like to play soccer and thus would meet up with friends to chat and play soccer to relieve stress. Such kind of normal life activities are very precious. In the past, I do not even had the time to drink a cup of tea with my friends. It was like running on a wheel, constantly working. Right now when I’m tired, I will try to find simple pleasures in life.”

To Focus: Congratulations on your 9th anniversary ^^
(T/N: He signed off as ‘Musical Actor Kim Junsu’)

source: Focus
credit: josiemiao
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun
shared by: iXiahCassie


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2 responses to “[INTERVIEW] Kim Junsu, Listening To Favourite Music And Singing To Heart’s Content…Is There Such A Perfect Genre Still?”

  1. Shirley Hawkins says :

    Dear Musical Actor Kim Junsu;

    I am new to KPop. I only followed it since May 2012. But you and JYJ have enchanted me. I love that you are helping Cambodia and Kenya.I am an African American female (a writer) from Los Angeles, California, and I want to be your fan for life. I want JYJ cd’s but don’t know where to buy them. I read you saw “Wicked” in New York. Did you like it? Wasn’t it great? I know you like musicals. I saw you on You Tube in “Mozart” and “Elizabeth.” My favorite composer is Chopin. He’s the best. I hope you will star in a few Korean dramas. I would like to see you in a drama. “Tarrantalegra” shocked me, you seem so sweet, but this video is almost X-rated. I have watched it about 10 times. It is very kinky. Is that part of your personality? Can you tell me what that video means? I love you boys. Please ome back to California soon.

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