[NEWS] JYJ Gives A Practice Studio To Their Dance Team, Who They Have Been Friends With For 8 Years

JYJ gives a practice studio to their dance team, who they have been together with for many years, as a present.

The JYJ members recently got a practice studio, which they paid for themselves, in No Hyun-dong, Gangnam, specially for their choreography team, I.D. 墓 (Myo), with whom they have worked together with on stage for more than 8 years.

I.D. 墓 has been worked with JYJ as their dance dance team since TVXQ, and are a popular dance team in the Korean music scene. They also became a topic of discussion when they participated in MBC’s “Infinity Challenge’s” music festival, and formed a dance group with Girls’ Generation’s Jessica.

JYJ’s representative said on 27 Jun, “While Junsu is having his solo activities, they have prepared a special practice studio for the dance team. The members, including Junsu, shared the costs to give the dance team a practice studio as a present.”

I.D. 墓, who received this special present from JYJ, actively use this space for their own practices, and also teach JYJ’s dances to the public on weekends.

Meanwhile, JYJ is currently carrying out their individual activities such as album promotions and acting. Junsu is standing on stage as a solo artist, while Jaejoong is appearing in MBC’s “Timeslip Dr. Jin”, in which he has been demonstrating his acting abilities.

Source : [K Star News]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net
Re-up by: iXiahCassie


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