[FANCAM+TRANS] JYJ Membership Week Fanmeeting

Translation 1:

MC: The last character! Dance, Acting, Music, Sexy, Coquette!!! (repeats coquette..rofl) The solo album that was charming in all areas…I believe Yucheon monitored it too, how was it?

Yucheon: When Junsu’s MV was released, I had finished filming (for drama) and was going to go wash in the dorm. We were in the countryside so the LTE wasn’t working when I wanted to watch it. I had 1 hour to sleep but I used that time to watch Junsu’s MV.

Translation 2:

Junsu: It’s an obvious thing to say, but really, thank you all. This is something I’ve always thought of, I don’t know if it’s because of my favoritism towards our fans, but I truly think JYJ fans are really nice/kind ppl. By “nice” ppl, I mean that you know how to wait and endure, and I think that’s something we (JYJ) learned from you guys. That became a source of our energy. No need for other words, I just thank you.

Translation 3:

Jaejoong: It’s the same for me too. Everybody knows that Junsu sings well, but I realized that he can also dominate the world with his dance.

[Su embarrased again~Kawaii~ >_<]

MC: (gives another tissue. haha) The whole world…

Jaejoong: He was called Asia’s best vocalist in the past, but he can also be called Asia’s best dancer..

Yucheon: Asia is too small for Junsu.

Junsu: Hold on… I appreciate this very much but I’m gonna be in trouble~ (or, this is dangerous)

Translation 4:

MC: Solo album, character.. I heard you prepared a lot.

Junsu: Um…..Good. (lol what?) First of all, I’ve talked about these (gestures to screen) a lot before so I don’t think I need to again. Above all else, I think it’s the happiest moment when you are recognized by your own members. I was very strengthened. Thank you.

MC: (talks about how he looks forward to their next/future characters) So now everyone, don’t you want to see more of JYJ’s charms in detail?


Translation 5 (last):

MC: They will present to you their fatal charms.. first up, JYJ’s maknae Junsu prepared a special stage. You got a lot of compliments from the hyungs (JJ & YC) earlier so (can’t hear). Please go get ready. I’ll also meet you all later with the new script and until then, we’ll leave it to Jaejoong!

(well…that’s the gist of the conversation… mostly paraphrased)

fancam: picnicxiah 
trans by: Gokinamoo @ YT
shared by: iXiahCassie

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