[INTERVIEW CUT] EMK Musical Company Representative Eum Hong Hyun Mentioned Junsu In His Interview‏


Q: Casting Kim Junsu as an actor was a great move. Did you predict this (success) then?

A: I didn’t know it would be such extent back then. In the beginning, the character proposal was rejected. Through acquantainces, I got in contact with him again. At that time he said he was not confident with himself. I used a long period of time to convince him to take part in this work and finally he joined the cast. In fact at that time, I felt that ticket selling is a problem at Sejong Cultural Centre. How to do it? It’s definitely unattainable. No matter how ‘great’ an idol is, it might not be done. No actor can sell out tickets like Kim Junsu. Junsu is too amazing and people around me thought I would only cast idols.

(Words to actors – Junsu’s part)
Average idols are unable to step into musical easily but this friend sang very well and he is rather clever. He learns fast and has focused concentration. Unlike others who trained for a long while, I got a shock when I watched him performed. Musical Director Kim Moon Jung said so too. Taught once and he understood others immediately. He talked to me several times regarding work and I’ve saw his acting. But he acted better than what I’ve imagined the next day, it gave me a shock. Among the idols, there’s no one who can win this friend.

source: playdb
credit: josiemiao
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun
shared by: iXiahCassie


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