[TRANS] JYJ’s Kim Junsu – Proven to have successfully switched over to a musical actor

He had rejected the offer from the musical twice. After Kim Junsu’s first musical performance in 2010, not only he performed in one musical every year, he had also received the Popularity Award from “The Korean Musical Awards” thrice consecutively.

Kim Junsu was offered an opportunity to perform in the musical “Mozart!” after the hiatus of withdrawing from TVXQ in 2009.

“I have rejected the offer twice. After I rejected the offer for the first time, the musical team invited me to listen to the music of the musical. Although I felt very impressed after listening to it, I have rejected it once again. It was after I have read the script, I have a sudden urge of performing in this musical, because the lines and plots stroke a chord with me. Furthermore, it has evoked my desire to sing.”

However, it was challenging for a first timer; Kim Junsu’s ability was questioned due to his identity as an idol singer and he had not been active for the past 8 months. Moreover, he would be venturing into a new area. Hence, it would be stressful.

“I did not obtain the opportunity to perform via an audition, but I was able to act as a protagonist due to my popularity. As such, I hesitated for a long time and this was the main reason of my reluctance in accepting the offer.”

After Kim Junsu immaculately portrayed the legendary musician, Mozart, he successfully switched from an idol to a musical actor with competence.

He said, “Music inspires me infinitely. The audience’s reactions further encouraged and excited me as I stood on the stage.”

Source: Singapore My Paper
Trans by: theXiahpwa @ twitter
shared by: iXiahCassie


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