[TWITTER UPDATE] Junsu Forgot His Twitter Password (again) “=_=”

@poimin73: 준수가 트윗에 뿅하고 못나타나는 이유를 조금전 통화로 알수있었어요

[TRANS] A while ago, over the phone, I got the reason for Junsu’s disappearance from Twitter and why he hasn’t appeared. What could it be? keke

@poimin73: 많은분들이 정답을 알고계시네요^^ 준수가 이번에 핸펀을 바꿨는데 트윗어플을 새로깔고 로긴을 못하고있는 상태랍니다^^ 빨리 비번찾아들어와라 준수야^^

[TRANS] A lot of people know the correct answer ^^ Junsu changed his handphone and re-installed the Twitter application but he cannot log in ^^ Hurry find your password and come back, Junsu ya ^^

@zunoxiahmom 아들의 생존여부를 궁굼해하실분들을 위하여~~ㅋ여러부~운 여러분의준수는 잘지내고있어요^^그간 미국갔다온 시차적응하느라 쫌 힘들어하더라구요 트위터 못하는이유는 새로산핸폰 트윗 비번을까먹어서 로그인을 못한다는이유가~~ㅠ

[TRANS] For the people who are curious about my son’s survival~~ keke Everyone~~Everyone’s Junsu is doing well ^^ He’s a little tired from the jet lag after returning from America and the reason why he hasn’t tweeted is because he bought a new handphone and (has forgotten) his twitter password….


@zunoxiahmom 여러분을위해 또하나 몰래카메라 한장 쏩니다!!! 제가 울준수팬분들 너어~~~무 사랑함으로 어쩔수 없이 목숨걸고 몰카를찍어야만 하는 이현실을 알아주신다면 아낌없는♥를 마구마구 날려주세요~♪^.^ 

[TRANS] Here’s another picture I took secretly for you!!! Please send many many ♥ if you acknowledge the reality that I have no choice but to take a picture secretly at risk to my life because I love our Junsu fans soo~~~ much~♪^.^


Source: @poimin73 & @zunoxiahmom
Trans by: @_alovelikewar and Moni
Shared by: iXiahCassie


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