[Trans] Dispatch is SM’s advertising medium – Relationships emerge in the coverage of JYJ fan assault


Relationships emerge in the coverage of JYJ fan assault In the report saying that a JYJ member has beaten a fan, JYJ side filed a lawsuit to claim for damages in Seoul central court last August 1.

The company name was withheld and only ‘Company D’ was mentioned in news reports. D is Dispatch, an internet-based media entertainment company established in 2010.

Dispatch has published a voice recording file in the beginning of March this year as evidence of JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun’s verbal abuse and assault of a fan. The 10 minutes audio file of Kim Jaejoong supposedly verbally assaulting and afterwards hitting a fan (due to moaning sounds) has been recorded.

JYJ’s side has determined that this is an infringement act of defamation and privacy and that the claim is unfounded, after verifying that the audio files have edited the contents in an arbitrary manner.

By the way, Dispatch is known among Korean fans to be close to SM entertainment. Speaking of SM, it is a company that JYJ used to belong because of Tohoshinki, and is the producer of Kpop idols like Tohoshinki, SNSD, Super Junior, and Shinee. TV stations, media outlets can not ignore the power that this entertainment company holds especially with a large company like SM.

With that relationship, JYJ would become a prey of media inevitably. But it is interesting, even for entertainment giant YG, along with SM, Dispatch also publishes defamatory articles.

Incidentally, the only scandalous article that Dispatch released related to SM are the exclusive photos of 2PM Taecyeon(JYP Entertainment) and SNSD Jessica going on a date.

However, while it looks like dispatch is spying on the two, some critics suspect that the scandal is fake because of the very good quality photos and the physical appearance of the two (complete hair and make-up). Korean netizens have tagged Dispatch as SM’s advertising medium.

Source: cyzowoman
Trans by: @rubypurple_fan
shared by: iXiahCassie


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