[TRANS] Praise Collector Kim Junsu


1. Director of the Musical Mozart! says, “Kim Junsu Is Now at the Level of Genius”
Yoo Heesung, a Korean director of the musical Mozart! said: 
Last year, I said Kim Junsu was ‘Musical Prodigy.’ At the time, it was the first time he performed in the musical but he absorbed fast and showed remarkable development in many aspects.
Yet, this year, I can say that he is beyond prodigy and becoming a genius.”
2.Famous American Choreographer Jeri Slaughter higly praises Kim Junsu, “Perfect in Singing, Dancing, and Performing.”
Jeri Slaughter said: 
In a word, Kim Junsu is a Triple-Threat artist. This is the word to call those who are perfect at singing, dancing, and performing. The representative triple threats in America are Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, and Cristina Aguilera. I believe, only Kim Junsu can be a triple treat in Asia.
There seems no limit on Kim Junsu’s world-class ability. We used hard-edge choreography and he perfectly performed it as usual.
3. Music Director of the Musical Elizabeth says “Kim Junsu Is A Genius.”
Kim Munjeung, a music director, said: 
“Kim Junsu’s unique husky voice makes the character of the DEATH much more mysterious and sexy. Now he seems to be a real musical actor who can be in harmony with one’s partner and control the audience. It’s unbelievable to have shown such great performance on the first day of the musical Elizabeth. He is a real genius.”
Sylvester Levay, Composer of Elizabeth, said:  
“I already knew he is a great singer since I worked with him at the Kim Junsu Musical Concert. Yet, I was surprised by his performance of leading the muscial as the DEATH in the musical Elizabeth. Sometimes he is terrifying, sometime he’s like a wild beast roaming around Elizabeth. He leads the musical with a wide range of charisma.”
4. Korean Famous Musical Actress Jeun Sukyung put high praise on Kim Junsu, “Different from other top stars, He is courteous.”
5.  Brad Little says, “Kim Junsu is an actor who can make me be jealous of him”
A star actor of the Broad Way Brad Little said:
“Kim Junsu is so enthusiastically performing in his role that I feel like jealous of him. Particulary, when he performs with female partners, he is really good at leading his partner. I want to learn that from him.”
6. Kim Junsu Receives Many high praises from His American Staff
Bruce “Automatic”, who previously worked with such prominent names as Christina Aguilera, The Wanted and Leona Lewis, said through C-JeS Entertainment, 
“I’ve worked with a lot of artists, but [Kim] Junsu has vocals that don’t fall behind those of any other top-class artist. I want to warn other famous artists in America to watch out for Junsu. His potential has already surpassed that of an A-class artist in America. I’m happy to have worked with such a great artist as Junsu, and I want to continue working with him.”
Music video director Marc Klasfeld said,  
“Kim Junsu is very quick, and he has beautiful eyes. He led a bright mood on set, so we felt happy during the entire shoot. I wanted to work with him ever since I saw the music video of Tarantallegraon Youtube, and I was happy to get this chance to do so.”

credit: Xiahpress.com
Translated by: Chocolat
shared by: iXiahCassie

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