[NEWS] 120827 Hong Kong Media Enamoured With JYJ’s Junsu


JYJ’s Junsu was in Hong Kong last Saturday to promote his new single album and captivated the local media with his presence.

Around 150 media personnel were in attendance at his August 25th press conference. Junsu was bathed in continuous camera flashlights once he appeared as he said, “I had been deliberating over whether to launch my solo promotions because of the various restrictions placed on me from the start. But I have gained a lot of confidence after going to so many press conferences after releasing my new album.”

Junsu continued, “I am happy to have chosen Hong Kong to be the final stop of my Asia concert tour. I feel very excited once I think of the beautiful night view of Hong Kong. I always feel right at home when I am here each time, and I want to thank so many of you for coming here. My world concert tour will beginning soon, and as a present to my fans all over the world, I have collaborated with famous American producer, Bruce Automatic, for my new single ‘UNCOMMITTED’. We decided on it being an English song so that most of the fans can understand it. The song is of the R&B pop genre, so we felt that it would probably sound better in English, so we decided on giving it a try as an English song. In future, I will also be using XIA as my name going forward.

‘XIA 1st Asia Tour in Hong Kong’ mini concert took place yesterday on August 26th at 9PM.

Source: Yahoo Philippines
Shared by: iXiahCassie


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