[NEWS] 120825 Kim Junsu Appeared! Hongkong’s Airport Was Jammed‏


Kim Junsu (XIA) who was about embark on his world tour, arrived in Hongkong for his last stop of his Asia Tour and his high popularity is once again certified.

Kim Junsu appeared at Hongkong International Airport on the afternoon of 25th, with about 1000 fans who gathered and waited since wee morning.

Fans held on to banners and fans with the words ‘XIA’ and shouting, “Junsu Leader”.(T/N: ‘Leader’ in a religious way.) Holding on to banners of “Asia’s Star” and shouted, “I love you, Xia Junsu!” The fans who came to the airport since early morning have been waiting in queues. The minute Kim Junsu appeared, it set the airport in jams and screams.

Until Kim Junsu got onto the car, it was a scene of hundreds of fans rushing towards him. Kim Junsu had a press conference that afternoon and will be having his last stop of his Asia Tour at Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Centre on the 26th.

Kim Junsu expressed on the 25th, “There were many fans at the airport and that gave me the realisation that I’m having a performance here. Because it is the last stop of the Asia tour and was a long time since I’ve met the Hongkong fans, thus I wanted to repay the fans tomorrow even more with a handsome performance.”

At the same time, Kim Junsu will be starting his world tour schedule on the 30th at New York, followed by stops at North and South America and Europe. The English single ‘Uncommitted’ will be available for online sale on the 27th.

Credit: enews+xiahjunsu baidu bar
Trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun
Shared by: iXiahCassie

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