[NEWS] JYJ Junsu (XIA) to Bring his Style and Color to the World


At 10:30 AM prompt, on the 29th of August at the DoubleTree Suites in the heart of Time Square, the doors opened and in walked in XIA Junsu of JYJ and C-JeS Entertainment, confidently and poised. He was dressed in an immaculate buttoned-up white shirt, beneath a black sweater, covered over by a navy-blue blazer. In his comfortable slip-on loafers he took the solo seat at the table. The XIA 1st Solo World Tour press conference in New York City had begun.

Junsu was introduced to the press as the first solo K-Pop artist to do a world tour, so when asked if he ever envisioned a time when he would essentially have outgrown his name Xia, which means Asia without the beginning A, and be performing a solo tour in New York City. He responded that initially he felt much pressured being away from his band mates at JYJ, pursuing the solo album, and then subsequently the world tour. However, he has been very honored by all the attention and accolade he is receiving.

Junsu later confessed that the main challenge in terms of breaching the American market was bridging the cultural gap. However, he felt that with a lot of successful artists already in America he did not want to be a copycat. That it was important to him to maintain his originality and be true to his talents.

Junsu continued to answer questions with the ease of a professional, even though the questions came in English and Korean. He was asked the inspiration for his new album Tarantallegra. He reminisced about his recent role in the musical Elisabeth where he played Death, and how the role inspired his new album. The musical Elisabeth is a story about the life and death of Empress Elisabeth of Austria who lived in the 19th century. In the musical, the character Death is a dashing young man who has a love affair with Elisabeth throughout her life until her eventual murder.

In continuing with his album, Junsu responded to a question about the theme of the album saying that the premise of his new album was that of an urban pop and R&B “bad boy” – but in a good way. So his musical videos have all been shown to portray this theme.

In conclusion when asked what his plans for the future and how he envisioned himself for the future, he responded in his calm, sonorous voice how his goal was to continue to show his unique style and color as an artist to the world.

XIA Junsu will be performing tomorrow, August 30, 2012 at the Hammerstein Ballroom located at 311 West 34th Street, Manhattan NY.

credit: kpopstarz
shared by: iXiahCassie


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