[TWITTER] Songwriter Kim Eana’s tweets about Junsu’s cameo in FIESTAR’s MV

Conversation between songwriter Kim Eana, IU and Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA about Junsu’s cameo in FIESTAR’s debut music video


@bongsamee Now, I am at the shooting location and there is a superb person here. This is a secret. Woahahahaha

@lily1991iu By any chance, is it that person??!?

@bongsamee *nodding*


@Jeaworld Woah~!!!! Bongsam !! You’re lucky, so lucky!!!kekeke

@bongsamee It’s really no joke. He is walking and breathing right in front of my eyes.

A photo of Junsu during the filming


@bongsamee I couldn’t aim my camera directly at his face so an indirect shot of Junsu-nim who was filming. The setting is in the middle of ‘Photo time’. His role is the superstar among superstars, the superhero among superheroes! 

Credit: @bongsamee @lily1991iu @Jeaworld
Translated by:  XIAworld
shared by: iXiahCassie


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