[NEWS] Junsu, the star of Kpop In Chile. Korea is the leader of global culture

The member of JYJ comes back to the country, this time, as a solo.

He will be performing on 10th September at Caupolicán Theater.

K-pop (or Korean pop)  is establishing properly in our country. A proof of this, is the great level of devotion that local fans showed on the visit of Korean group JYJ in the first half of the year. These feelings will be repeated in September as one of the members, Junsu, is coming back to the country, this time as a solo.

Junsu, whose stage name as a solo is “Xia”, will be performing on the 10th in the same place, Caupolicán Theater. In this same place but back in March a few fans spent the night in the street waiting for JYJ. This time Junsu will be introducing his CD “Tarantallegra” and he detailed his feelings on his return to the country.

“When I went to Chile in March, I was really surprised and impressed that there are fans who love or music and show such passion even they are on the other side of the world. The performance in Chile was one of the most memorable moments of my life. I could feel the energy of our fans and that inspired us to give our best in the stage since they can´t get to see us as frequently as Asian fans. In the end, a lot of them cried. I really wanted to come back here and here I am with my CD.”, he said.

The album

“While there are a lot of good things when working with the group, a solo album has a great significance since it´s full of the songs I want to sing. Considering the difficulties to promote the album, I felt quite skeptical when launching it. But I felt that it was the right time to present a work with my own characteristics and strength.”, he said.

Junsu wrote and arranged most of the songs, as if he was the producer. He added, “The response that was shown in Youtube was what motivated me to do it. And, in fact, the result is really satisfactory. It was hard to do it by myself but at the same time, it was very gratifying”.

The “genie” of the show
The Korean man detailed that one of his strengths when he is one the stage is the “perfect combination between singing alive and the performance itself. I prepared many things to show in stage. I hope I can be able to use the facilities of the venue to manage to display the effects I show in the biggest arenas”.
What I can be sure of is that it will be as funny and exciting as our last concert there. “Genie Time” will have its place in the concerts. It is one of the “trademarks” of Xia´s performances. It´s the moment I talk with the fans and I´ll grant them three wishes. Don´t forget it. “, he disclosed.

It´s already a fact that the Korean entertainment culture has deeply permeated in a not inconsiderable portion of the Chilean teens. About the impact of the art of his country over the world, Junsu reflected: “First of all, we, Koreans, are people who love music and pop culture. I think the crazy thing for kpop derives from the artists´abilities”.

“In Korea, singers make a big effort and prepare themselves for years in order to stand on a stage. Lot. And the have a lot to show. The term ‘Dynamic Korea’, represents how full of energy and ideas is the country and that makes it a leader in global culture“, added the young artist.

Thousand kilometers far, this has found a fervent response in Chile. Junsu remembers how the fans waited for two days in front of Caupolicán Theater: “There were reporters that arrived with us Santiago and they were surprised. I heard them talking about it. I also got to know that many of them traveled by bus for a long time to attend the concert. We felt extremely grateful and at the same time we felt a big responsibility. This stories make me want to show a more perfect stage each time. I want to thank them with all my heart and tell them that I know how they feel. Now, it is my turn to return this love through a great performance”.

Junsu concluded by recommending: “I’m really grateful to all the fans. Please, try not to sleep in the street at night before the concert as it can be dangerous. Take care and I will reward your support and love giving the best of myself on the stage”
The tickets are on sale through Feriaticket, with prices between 16.000 and 60.000 pesos in the presale until September 1st, and between 20.000 and 65.000 pesos after that date. 

Source: cooperativa.cl
Translation spanish – english: LoreSu para XIAH Press
Shared by: XIAH Press
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