[NEWS] JYJ’s Kim Jun Su is ready to go on his European tour

JYJ’s Kim Jun Su (Xia) completed his northern South American tour on September 10 (local time).

Kim began his northern South American tour on August 30 of over 17,000 kilometers through New York, LA, Mexico, Brazil, and Chile.

Kim finished holding a concert in Brazil and arrived in Chile on September 9. Over 500 fans gathered at the Airport to see Kim and brought the Airport to a halt.

When Kim appeared at the Teatro Caupolica in Santiago, over 3,000 fans gave him hearty cheers. Fans from South America, including, Peru, Argentina, Bulgaria, and Paraguay, were extremely excited by his appearance.

Kim said hello to his fans in Spanish and took some time to take pictures with the fans.

Kim says, “I was greatly encouraged by the tour. I will always do my best as long as my fans love my music. I will remember all their support and love from the other side of the Earth. I will work harder to make better music and give better performances.”

An eighteen-year-old girl from Chile says, “Thank you very much for coming to South America once again. The concert was perfect like the last one and I will love Jun Su forever.”

Local media outlets, including La Segunda and La Nacion, reported on Kim and his world tour and visited the venue to cover his concert.

An official for a media outlet says, “It’s great that he came to Chile for the second time. Thanks to Kim, people in Chile are falling in love with Korea and learning Korean too. I was surprised at his passion and his fantastic concert.”

Kim will start going on his European tour soon after holding concerts in six Asian cities and five northern South American cities.

source: TV Report
credit: korea.com
shared by: iXiahCassie


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