[NEWS] Kim Junsu “I was sick but still participated because of Park Jisung’s words then suffered for 2 weeks after”

Kim Junsu revealed the behind-the-scene story from Park Jisung’s charity soccer match.

Well-known as a big soccer mania, JYJ Kim Junsu (XIA) revealed in the interview with @star1 his experience of taking part in Park Jisung’s charity soccer match in Vietnam in 2011.

Kim Junsu said “I participated in the event not because I want to take part in match but Park Jisung hyung said to me ‘Are you also like soccer? Let’s play together’. I was really sick on that day but will there ever have another chance like that so I pretened to be okay and played.”

He laughed and continued “I played for fun but Vietnamese players thought I was a player for real and kept tackle me. If I keep the ball, I would get into big trouble so I kept passing it.”

Kim Junsu expressed his love of soccer, “Running while enduring the pain was hard. After the match, the national team’s manager even came to see my physical condition. After that match, I came back to Korea and got sick for 2 weeks. If I was born again, I want to become a soccer player.”

Recently, Kim Junsu has done a photoshoot with star lifestyle magazine ‘@star1′ on Kyeongridan street, Itaewon, Seoul. Through the interview, Kim Junsu has revealed his carefree everyday life, advice he wants to give to the hoobaes (juniors), and the preparation for his world tour.


Source: @star1
Translated by: XIAworld
shared by: iXiahCassie

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