[News] Kim Junsu: Wishes to stand on a bigger stage

“I wish to have concert at places i have not gone yet, Maybe Africa next?” said Junsu, began his solo activites with name XIA, with full confidence when released his first solo album. Last month, his face shown good self-confidence and achievement while having his interview at Times Square in New York. After ending his 6 stops of Asia Tour, being the first solo Korean singer to stand on North America stage, & now following his footsteps to South America and Europe, holding concerts in the four continents, became the main protagonist of global concert. 

Junsu said: “Audiences like me more than i imagined. Rather than saying what’s the results i gotten, i would say i had gotten the opportunity to look of my own hopes and fulture. As a growing adult, to me, 2012 is a significant year. As a representative of South Korea, I deeply felt the heavy responsibility on my shoulders as i held concerts at Asia, Americas and Europe which makes me work harder.”

Kim Junsu’s English single <Uncommitted> MV was attracting attention. In the MV, Junsu acted as a playboy between two girls. He said the acting of a playboy is interesting. When asked which two girls who acted in the MV, were more closer to his ideal lover type, he answered wickedly that both are not his ideal lover type from their appearance.

When comes to first English album, Junsu said <Uncommited> was produced together with Sony Music’s composer Bruce ‘Automatic’ Vanderveer. This song was fully demostrated of Junsu’s sexy vocal with R&B/POP style. In addition, this album also included English version of <Tarantallegra> from Junsu’s first solo Korean album.

The sales can be described as far more than expected after the album was released on May 15, 2012. Solo album’s sales reached more than 120,000. (Junsu) captured the hearts of 40,000 fans through Asia concert tour. Main track also claimed first in many countries and regions music chart. As being a Korean male singer who hasn’t try a global concert tour before, Kim Junsu had done it. Prior to this, Junsu was also hovering and in difficulties because of the thoughts of album’s sales and the holding of concerts.

“Initially receiving the news of holding a world tour, I am still in doubt hence rejected a few times. When company wishes me to star in TV series, i’m in a dilemma situation. I do have my strength, knowing i should do something that i am capable of doing well, hence mustered my courage to accept the challenge of holding world tour.”

Junsu wasn’t active in various types of performance due to the (contract) problems with old agency. But music video began to embark his solo road once he transferred to new agency. Through youtube, Junsu discovered the way of getting the whole world to communicate in real time, so he decided to to use and upload Music Video to attract. 

“Even though i could not appear on TV, i still can see the hope of doing other things else.Through online, (I am) able to get top for the chart in Chile and Germany, I felt so amazing.”

Through album and concert tour, Kim Junsu had gradually entered another new phrase. “Compared to the short term effects of this album promotional activities, which allow me to get the courage of next album and finding my own characteristics, is then the greatest achievement.”

There are still many counties and regions for Junsu to protray his performance, and also looking forward to him having a bigger stage and bigger harvest(results) in the future.

Sources: Yahoo
English Trans by: @Baojaesoul
Shared by: XIAH Press
Do not take out the whole credits!

Re-up by: iXiahCassie


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