[NEWS+PICS] What happened at SBS’s National Disabled Sports Festival Opening Ceremony?

ZE:A’s stage

Sufficient lighting and the MCs did came up to do an interview with them.

Junsu’s stage

It was said that ZE:A’s performance would be last and the MCs left the stage.

MCs left the stage and workers were already taking down the equipment. Then, Junsu came up from behind. Without an interview and lights turned off, Junsu said in his speech:

“This is my first domestic stage since my album was released.This is a new feeling for me and today, I will make an unforgettable memory.It’s very cold but for staying in your seats and waiting, I sincerely thank you all.”

Junsu waited for 3 hours here:

Source: DKpopnews
Translation Credit: @ohmyjunsu
Pics Credit: @The_4Feel + @Xia_doggrass
Shared by: iXiahCassie


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One response to “[NEWS+PICS] What happened at SBS’s National Disabled Sports Festival Opening Ceremony?”

  1. justxiah says :

    I’m personally a big fan of Junsu. I was also very shocked and sad the other day but I don’t think we should assume things before we saw the others’ tents.

    I agree that the lighting was really bad during Junsu’s performance and I hate the fact that they stopped airing right before Junsu’s performance. I was very angry that there isn’t any emcee during his introduction too although the emcee did introduce Junsu before his Tarantallegra performance.

    As for the tent, I guess it’s a norm for them to prepare a tent for artists during outdoor events? Just like what they had during A-nation? ^^;;; We shall see how other waiting rooms look like first before we complain about it. =)

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