[TWITTER UPDATES] 121008-121009 Junsu had a (another) bad treatment from broadcast T_T

오늘 비록 방송에는 나오지 못했지만..여러분들과 함께 할수 있었던 자리였기에 너무나도 즐겁고 무엇보다도 뜻 깊은 시간이였어요..그 기뻤던 마음만 기억하며 모두들 조심히 들어가십시오^^사랑합니다

[TRANS] Though my performance wasn’t broadcasted today.. it was such a happy and above all, meaningful time for me as I was able to spend it with all of you.. Remember only those feelings of joy, and have a safe trip home^^ I love you

언제부턴가 저에겐 여러분들을 만나뵙는게 절실하지..방송의 유무는 중요하지 않아요..오늘 함께 해주신 여러분들 사랑합니다~♥

[TRANS] Since when did I start harboring this desperation that I feel whenever I want to meet you all.. Whether I’m broadcasted on TV or not isn’t what’s important.. To all those who were with me today, I love you~♥

@BruceAutomatic thanks~automatic^^miss you

[IN REPLY TO] @1215thexiahtic Being censored in your own country is awful, yet you went on and performed. Your an incredible artist! And I admire you!


어제의 일로 많이 속상하셨을 팬분들…가수와 그 팬들간에 서로 다독거리는 그 아름다운 상황은 참 감동이고 잊지못할 일이었습니다!! 팬분들의 화이팅이 있기에 준수는 또 다시 일어납니다! 여러분~ 힘을냅시다!! 감사합니다!!그리고 사랑합니다~^^♥

[TRANS] To the fans who were upset about yesterday’s incident…The beautiful situation where the the singer and the fans comforted each other was really touching and unforgettable!! Because of the fans’ support, Junsu is able to rise again! Everyone~cheer up!! Thank you!!And I love you~^^♥

또한 준수는 물론 가족 까지 마음 어루만져 주시고 따뜻한 말씀으로 힘을주시는 우리 소중한 팬분들~~ 진심 감사드립니다~^^이렇게 훈훈한 가족같은 팬분들이 있으니 정말 든든합니다!!우리 가족여러분~ 힘냅시다!! 화이팅!!^^♥

[TRANS] Also to the precious fans who even made the effort to the extent of comforting Junsu’s family members, giving us strength with warm words~~I thank you sincerely~^^It’s really reassuring to have such warm-hearted fans who are like our family members!!To our family members~Cheer up!! Hwaiting!!^^♥


어제 동생공연에관한 얘기를 지금들었다..해도해도 너무한다..마음이너무아프고.. 그런상황에서도 팬분들을위해서 마지막까지열심히공연해준 준수 너무자랑스럽다.. 마지막곡Fever를 불렀다고 들었는데.. 그 가사처럼 힘을내줬으면좋겠다..!!모두응원한다화이팅!!

[TRANS] I just heard about what happened at my younger brother’s performance yesterday..It was too much..My heart is really in pain.. Even in that kind of situation, I’m very proud of Junsu who still performed diligently till the end for all the fans there.. I heard that the last song is ‘Fever’.. I hope he(you) can gain strength just like the lyrics..!!I’ll support all of you hwaiting!!

source: @1215thexiahtic @zunoxiahmom @juno_japan @bruceautomatic
trans & shared by: dongbangdata, shinkipedia
re-up by: iXiahCassie

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