[NEWS] ‘Kim Junsu, Lee Kikwang…’, The Best Idols Of This Era Will Meet On The 17th At Anyang‏

In order to celebrate the formation of Anyang Citizen Football Club (Anyang FC) and the revival of ‘Jijidae Derby’, National Special High School Football Association will be having a charity celebrities soccer match on the 17th November at Anyang Stadium.


Anyang FC’s opponent is Suwon Samsung’s celebrity team ‘FC MEN’ and team includes JYJ member Kim Junsu (25) as captain, Im Seul Ong (25) of 2AM, Lee Ki Kwang (22) of BEAST, Yoon Do Joon (23) of BEAST and Kim Hyun Joong (26) etc. FC MEN agreed to this match readily after knowing the purpose of it is for the revival ‘Jijidae Derby’ and to help unfortunate organisations. National Special High School Football Association will be wearing the significant red jersey of Anyang while FC MEN will be donning the blue jerseys of Suwon Samsung’s, showing a preview to the ‘Jijidae Derby’. [T/N: ‘Jijidae Derby’ used to be the spotlight in the 90s about the super match between Anyang LG Cheetah (now FC Seoul) vs Suwon Samsung Bluewings.]

Tickets will be sold through Interpark on the 7th November. The income from the match will be given to help families with problems and kids in Mongolia Uranbato.


Jeong Dong Gun said, “I know that there are ex-football players in FC MEN and thus they are very strong but our team consists of the best players among 20 schools.”, “We will present to everyone the infamous heated competition of ‘Jijidae Derby’.”

source: joinsmsn
credit: TVXQ baidu
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun


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