[NEWS] Dispute finally ended – makes 0% possibility for TVXQ to be Five

Dispute finally ended – makes 0% possibility for TVXQ to be Five

The dispute regarding exclusive contract between SM Entertainment and JYJ (Jaejoong/Yucjun/Junsu) has been completed by the both parties’ agreement. This made the dispute dragged for 3 years and 4 month finally finished.

According to legal circles on 28th, SM Entertainment and JYJ agreed to finish all contracts made between the both parties as of July 31st, 2009, the date of application for injunction. Also they made agreement to withdraw all lawsuits related and would not interfere in each other’s activities. Therefore, JYJ and 2 members of TVXQ now go separate way.

TVXQ has been doing its activities as 2 members – Yunho and Changmin, and Jaejoong Kim/ Yuchun Park/ Junsu Kim have been doing both individual activities in acting career and activities as the group JYJ. It is now the 3rd year of JYJ which was formed in SEP 2010, and the both TVXQ and JYJ are having a lot of popularity in domestic and abroad.

As the conflict is completed by agreement, now there is almost zero percentage for TVXQ to be 5 members in a matter of fact. Also the both sides have already made their own ways, so it is expected that there would not be any big changes of their activities. TV2XQ and JYJ are now able to have their activities independently freed from dispute.

Jaejoong Kim, Yuchun Park and Junsu Kim made their first debut as members of TVXQ in 2004, and applied for an injunction to terminate validity of exclusive contract against SM Entertainment, the former management company, in July 31st, 2009.


+) Also JYJ’s names will be removed from the list of SM artists on its financial report for stock market from this 4th quarter as now the three members of JYJ are neither TVXQ, nor SM singers any more after all contracts has become invalid. (SM has included JYJ’s names on the name of the members of TVXQ insisting they were still SM singers as the exclusive contract was valid.)

Now the past becomes ‘real’ past, so congratulations on being freed from the contract of SM!

Translated by: http://dedicatee.wordpress.com
shared by: iXiahCassie


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