[TRANS] The Test for XIA Junsu at XIADAY 2012!! LOL~ xD


3) Choose one you like more… ((=) is impossible to write.. Choose one!!)
1. Chick vs Dolphin
2. Tarantallegra vs Uncommitted
3. Figure Skating vs Rhythmic Gymastics
4. Piano vs Guitar
5. Angel-Xia vs Bbooing booing..
6. Sexy vs Cute
7. Rudolph vs Joseph
8. Bowling vs Soccer
9. Leo vs Tigger
10. Tod w/o bangs vs Tod w/ bangs
11. Yoo Sungwoo vs Hong Daekwang
12. Brownie vs Xiahky


4) Choose one, your favorite hair color..
1. Brown
2. Blonde
3. Pink
4. Red
5. Blue
6. Purple


7) Choose all.. the most confident face..
1. Charisma face
2. Cute Face
3. Angel Xia
4. Side Face
5. Singing Face
6. Bboing Bboing..
7. Wonderful Self-camera
8. Tod Xia
9. Xia- Captain of FC MEN


9) Nowadays, what is the prominent question in your mind?
1. Why am I handsome just like this?
2. Why am I dancing just like this?
3. Why am I singing just like this?
4. Why am I still cute?
5. Why am I perfect at everything?


10) In your thoughts, which is the most favorite work for Xiapwas in this year?
1. Releasing the solo album ‘XIA TARANTALLEGRA’ and Concert Tour
2. Musical ‘Elisabeth’
3. ‘Love is like Snowflake’ of ‘Innocent Man’ OST
4. Photo shooting for magazines (singles, 10asia, @Style,…)
5. Some advertisements.. (penzal Q, Tony Moly, NII,…)


13) Write down the meaning of new words as the way you know.
(they’re new words but the general public don’t use these words.. Most of them are abbreviations..)
1. Muggle: Maegle
2. Gonari: Supervision
3. Solkamal: Frankly speaking..
4. Matjum: Nice Restaurant?(actually, nice Lunch)
5. Menboong: Mental Collapse
6. Noonting: Watching something secretly?
7. Jegodnae: give up (it means… contents are the same or similar as the title)
8. Jjalbang: give up.. (at first, people used it as the prevention of deleting.. but now it means picture or photo)
9. Boolgeum: Burning Friday
10. Haengshow: Happy Show (it means “I wish that you’ll be happy!”)


18) Write now 3 impressive songs that you’ve listened to and 3 movies that you’ve watched these days..
Movies.. Pieta, Thieves, 007
Songs.. Nowadays, there’s nothing special to listen to..


19) Make the actrostic words with your name..
Kim.. I want to eat Kim (Kim means seaweed laver..)
Jun.. Prepare it..
Su.. Suri suri masuri~~ (it’s kind of spell..;;) Come it out!

20) Now, it’s Junsu-Time.. It’s the end of this year…
Write down your wishes in the future and something that you want to make next year with more than 20 syllables
Everybody scream.. party tonight, bambaya.. Let’s go..


Talk with Five Words
What is your sleeping habit? I’m doing like forward rolling when I’m sleeping..
Why are you handsome? I’m not handsome.. (Actually he wrote: “I’m ugly”…;;)
Did you watch the Olympic Games? I watched it almost everyday..
The best moment? Every stage..
The most precious treasure? Aventador.. (it means.. his car..)
What is you phone’s background? As the way it is when it came out from Samsung factory..
What do you do when you feel stuffy? I’m driving..
When will be your second album released? Hush, it’s a secret..
How’s your health? Very nice in these days
What is your personal skill nowadays? There’s nothing special..
What’s your score for Anpang? I didn’t do it..
Best hair? the hair that looks like large bowl..
Which drama do you watch? I watch ‘Innocent Man’
Which is your worry nowadays? Nothign special..
What is the plan when you’re 28-year-old? Live busily
Soon, you’ll reach the 10 years since you’ve debuted.. I’m also old..
I love you.. do you already know it? Please love me more
Do you dislike that fans said ‘you’re cute’? No.. I don’t dislike it..
Do you dislike that fans said ‘you’re sexy’? It’s not bad..
How do you think about ‘you’re so handsome’? I’m not handsome.. (Actually he wrote: “I’m ugly”…;;)

Source: XIADAY
Credit: theyoungestmin(pmksue)
Shared by : JYJ3
re-up by: iXiahCassie


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